Biennale svizzera del territorio بينالي سفيزيرا ديل تيريتوريو

Biennale svizzera del territorio

A nationwide event with international appeal born in 2016: an event that opens the doors of Villa Saroli to exponents of various disciplines, as well as to the general public. The event addresses the many different actors involved in the Baukultur process. With its open approach, La Bienniale contributes to the discussion on the social, economic, and territorial changes taking place within today’s society. The collective curatorship of the Biennale Svizzera del Territorio is Marc Frochaux, Ludovica Molo, Caspar Schärer, Cyrill Veillon, and Ariane Widmer Pham.

the topic: (non)finito

Exactly fifty years ago, in 1972, the Meadows Report spoke of the finitude of resources and the limits to growth. Despite some attempts to theorize an “end of history” (which never happened), we can only helplessly verify that our pace continues to accelerate and our dependence on raw materials and energy is increasing, plunging us into a succession of (climatic, health, political and humanitarian) crisis. In this context, we can no longer expect to create and preserve immutable, perfect, “finite” objects and landscapes. The finitude of resources implies the non-finitude of processes: time is now the raw material of the project. How can we establish an open culture of the built environment that is continuous, collective, and capable of constantly adapting forms and functions?

Call for actions

Among the many activities that make up the Biennale’s program, for this open curatorial edition, several installations selected from the 70 that responded to the Call for Action addressed to students and architects from all over Switzerland and internationally will be presented in the park of Villa Saroli. In addition to the installations, a series of screenings, a concert, and a debate is also part of the proposals. Which has become part of the main program.


Alterazioni Video, Walter Angonese, Leopold Banchini, Bruther, Isabel Concheiro, Julien Descombes, Kathrin Dörfler, Anupama Kundoo, Paul Landauer, Marielle Macé. Also MacIver-Ek Chevroulet, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Flavien Menu, Elly Mosayebi, Muck Petzet, Monica Rhodes, Studio ALBORI, Jo Taillieu. Moreover, Milica Topalovic, Mirko Zardini and many others.


Lastly, download the information related to this event here.


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