Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum Global Bidding Announcement

Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum Global Bidding Announcement

Architecture Competition: Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum Global Bidding Announcement

Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum is a virtual art world open to M generation users, which is created by Fengyuzhu on Xirang, a metaverse platform of Baidu. As one of the cultural facilities cluster of Fengyuzhu metaverse, the museum carries out 3D design and development based on virtual engine. In the future, it will introduce top-notch digital artists at home and abroad. Users can enjoy immersive exhibition viewing, entertainment, social networking, and also buy digital art collections there. The opening exhibition of the museum is now under planning.

Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum global bidding is open to all creatives (architects, programmers, game players, avatars…), the winner will receive a design fee of 1 million yuan. This project is also the first bidding for the design of metaverse virtual architecture in China. The goal is to become a cultural landmark in Xirang.

Guidance unit: The Architecture Society of Shanghai China,ASSC

1. Background

In March 2021, Roblox came into the market, detonated the concept of metaverse, since then, capital and Internet giants entered the market one after another. On October 29, Facebook officially changed its name to Meta, which became a turning point for more people in China to re-examine the concept of metaverse.

On December 27, 2021, Xirang, the metaverse product of Baidu was officially launched, opening China’s first metaverse space with Chinese narration as the core. Fengyuzhu and Baidu Xirang recently announced a co-construction partnership to work together to develop virtual architecture in metaverse, helping governments, enterprises and brands to create their professional 3D virtual scenes and digital spaces, and actively promoting the application of digital assets in the era of metaverse, such as virtual exhibition halls, virtual exhibitions, virtual human technology, 3D digital spaces, cultural and museum collections.

At present, the top four metaverse real estate trading platforms have all taken actions. Sandbox, together with a number of new partners from the film, music, entertainment, performance, finance, real estate and game industries, has jointly created Megacity, a large-scale cultural center. The world’s first crypto art museum m ○ C △ lands in Somnium space, bringing more than 200 art pieces from famous crypto artists including Beeple, Pak, Hackatao, etc.; Decentraland has the NFT Gallery of Sotheby’s, the world’s oldest auction house; Cryptovoxels also attracted numbers of art galleries to enter the metaverse and NFT art…

Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum will take the lead in building a cultural landmark in Xirang metaverse.

2. Basic Information

Platform: Baidu Xirang
Location: Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum
Area: 280mx100m, the avatar height is 1.4m-1.7m

Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum

3. Requirements

a. According to the planned roads and blocks in Xirang, complete space design planning + landscape and architectural appearance (regardless of structure) + no less than 8 indoor scenes on the designated plot (indoor scenes are transmitted to from the designated location)
b. Fengyuzhu Metaverse Digital Art Museum needs to be able to carry various forms of digital art content
c. The scheme shall comprehensively consider the landmark in the big scene and the outstanding experience from the roaming perspective. Be original, creative and international. Make sure there is no copyright dispute.
d. The bidding document format shall be a powerpoint/pdf and video that can explain the design scheme.
e. Technical requirements:
1) The triangles count of the landscape and architecture appearances shall be less than one million;
2) The resolution of texture shall be less than 2048;
3) The gradient of stairs shall be less than 30 degrees, and the height of single step shall be less than 10cm;
4) Once you win, a complete model in FBX format shall be submitted.
f. All candidate schemes are prohibited from appearing on any other platform in any form before obtaining clear bidding results.

4. Bonus

The winning scheme will receive a design fee of one million yuan.

5. Scope

a. The project is open to global creatives (architects, programmers, game players, avatars…), and all those who can submit as required can sign up.
b. Candidates can be individuals, companies, institutions, etc.

6. Registration and Selection Mechanism

There is no registration fee. The whole bidding is divided into four stages.

a. Registration Stage: Scan the QR code below or click the link to register.


b. Submission of Works: Scan the QR code below or click the link to submit.


c. Preliminary Evaluation Stage: The jury composed of cutting-edge KOLs from metaverse related industries (architecture, art, games, technology, Internet, media…)  will select 20 winning works.
d. Final Evaluation Stage: Top celebrities from metaverse related industries (architecture, art, games, technology, Internet, media…) are invited to select the final winning scheme from last stage.

7. Schedule

Bid issuing Time:Jan. 18
Deadline for Submission:Feb. 28
Preliminary Evaluation Stage:March. 1-March. 7
Final evaluation Stage:March. 8-March. 15
Result Announcement:March. 16

8. Contact

Development Unit: Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture&Technology Co., Ltd
TEL: 021-65038765
Email: [email protected]

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