Bio-Home – Biophilia for the everyday life

Bio-Home - Biophilia for the everyday life | المنزل الطبيعي - بيوفيليا للحياة اليومية

Architecture Competition: Bio-Home – Biophilia for the everyday life

Brief: Design a single residence for a family, incorporating biophilic design principles. We need to integrate nature into our built environment so that we can co-exist and live as one.

The interventions proposed as part of the biophilic design must be in synergy with the wider environmental context of the site. Reduce the negative impact of design on the environment, by improving building performance, reducing waste, and ensuring comfort for occupants.

The aim of the design is to achieve a balance between the ‘natural’ and ‘built’ parts of the house. It must provide a healthy atmosphere for all living organisms’ in space. The effects of the elements on each other must be explored.

Privacy and interaction must be guided in the layout as per the nature of the activity. Manage aesthetics and functionality, as well as open and closed spaces. The design must be an integrated system suitable to contemporary lifestyles.

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