“The mark of a great city isn’t how it treats its special places – everybody does that right – but how it treats its ordinary ones.” Aaron M. Renn

In the simplest terms ‘urban spatial structure’ are often described as constituting the arrangement of varied urban facilities like markets, streets, public and personal establishments, transport system etc. However easy it’s going to sound, urban space or fabric is indeed complex, versatile, and rich in its design, function and sustenance. The urban fabric is intricately knit with the thread of elements like built infrastructure, unbuilt shatters, landscape, public places, private establishments designed to supply suitable urban experience. The patterns within the fabric so formed are the manifestation of socio-economic and cultural context, during which the town thrives. Hence, a city may be a camouflage of the fashionable and historical, public and personal , formal and informal, built and unbuilt, all coexisting and interacting, creating moments of joy, laughter and celebration. Yet, a number of these elements/threads are left unacknowledged in urban discourses. it’s important to acknowledge , acknowledge and capture such places/activities/experiences which constitute the urban setup and whose existence is significant to its experience.
This photography competition aims to acknowledge and capture such unnoticed elements within the city. We involve you to submit photographs of these unnoticed facets of the populated area that capture its true nature and convey its authentic essence.

How to participate –
All interested candidates must register @http://www.irds-india.com/urbanrhetoric.html and pay the entry fee (INR 250)
Winners must submit the original photographs clicked by them (600 dpi resolution) at tur@innovatureindia.com.

Submission deadline- 15 February 2021

First, second and Third prize
Winners will be published in our upcoming March 2021 issue of the magazine “The Urban Rhetoric”, entitled “Spatial Chronicles”
Winners will be published on our website and all social media handles of TUR.
Winner will receive a copy of TUR_Issue1 and Issue 2
Winners will receive an E-certificate of excellence recognized by IRDS and TUR.

All candidates will receive an E- certificate of participation recognized by IRDS and TUR, and free access to TUR_Issue3_Spatial Chronicles

For further details please visit http://www.irds-india.com/urbanrhetoric.html

  • Title

    Call for Photographs: The Un-noticed Urban
  • Type

    Call for Submissions
  • Organizers

  • Registration Deadline

    February 15, 2021 08:00 AM
  • Submission Deadline

    February 15, 2021 08:00 AM
  • Price

    INR 250

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