Call for Submissions: Community Center / Islamic Center / Mosque for New Zealand

A local group of Muslims in Queenstown, New Zealand, have raised funds to create their own area people center. For Queenstown residents, there’s no local mosque within a 2 hour radius, and that they are forced to commune in rented places with limited availability and time.

The project aims to make a civic center which will not only cater to the Muslim community, but to the overall Queenstown community as an entire . they need to make a contemporary facility that’s eco friendly and self-sustaining in revenue, having classrooms, a hostel, dining hall, and social areas available for rent by the overall public therefore the center can generate its own revenue.

While the most purpose of the planning is to deal with a mosque, they need the whole community to profit . As such, they need the planning to be modern and alluring , with large open spaces and windows to open up to the gorgeous natural scenery and mountains of Queenstown, while also having a subtle hint and nod to traditional islamic architecture and style without being overbearing.

They hope to establish this community center as an iconic place of Queenstown, to house lectures and events from speakers worldwide, and to serve as an integral part of the community.

Type of project:

  • A multipurpose facility accommodating the muslims need and benefit the non muslim as well.
  • Communal activities rooms (educational classrooms, a Youth Centre, a place of worship /mosque with seperation of men/women, a gymnasium, social gathering areas)
  • Washrooms and Ablution/Wudu rooms
  • Possible nursery
  • Self-catered accommodation/hostel to generate revenue.
  • The self-catering accommodation will be using a Halal Concept catering for muslims and non-muslims
  • Title

    Call for Submissions: Community Center / Islamic Center / Mosque for New Zealand
  • Type

    Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)
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  • Submission Deadline

    October 15, 2020 12:00 AM
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