As students dedicated to exploring the relationship between people and the places they inhabit, we were profoundly impacted by the shift to staying at home which the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated. This shift has forced us to contemplate now more than ever, how we use the spaces we call home, and how we adapt, and adapt to, these spaces under unique circumstances.

Interiors Of Isolation is a book that will feature creative work by design students contemplating the spaces they were confined in during the pandemic.

What to submit:

  • 1 Plan of your space/room
  • 1 Additional drawing of your choice
  • Short written statement
  • Include your name, school, program/year and city/country.

Submit high quality JPEG of TIFF files (max 10MB) to by July 31st 11:59 PM

Successful applicants will be featured in our upcoming September 2020 publication.  The top submission will receive $100. Every successful submission from University of Toronto students will receive $40.

Social Media: @Interiorsofisolation

  • Title

    Call for Submissions: Interiors of Isolation
  • Type

    Call for Submissions
  • Organizers

    Interiors of Isolation
  • Submission Deadline

    July 31, 2020 12:00 PM
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