Call for writers :: WriteON 2021 critical writing workshop

Call for writers
Participate in WriteON 2021
Theme: Amend

Ways of knowing start from vantage points. With shifts come the chance to witness and to repair. How can we amend, to start to ascertain , feel and hear what has been previously overlooked, or even even forgotten?

The WriteON 2021 critical writing workshop series calls attention to the ethics and meaning of design. it’s hospitable creative practitioners with desire to require the time to articulate the meaningful across our urban environment. As we navigate isolating lockdowns, masking, and even mourning, what does it mean to worry for others? What well-intended designs create protection for a few but a scarcity of safety for others? What stories of occupation and conflict are often amended with new ways forward?

Successful applicants will attend four online writing sessions between April and June. Select essays developed over the course of the workshops are going to be published. Applicants will have the chance to use for a summer residency to research and develop a critical reflection. Two residencies are offered, in partnership with the Calgary library and Esker Foundation.

To apply, submit an article sample and CV or background detail. there’s no fee to use nor to participate. Applications are adjudicated on merit and are accepted until April 4th, 2021.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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