Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition

Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition,

The purpose of the competition is to create a state of coexistence between urban public space and local culture and history.

It invites a number of well-known scholars and professionals in the fields of architectural design and local culture to the judging table.

Groups of the most energetic and innovative students are expected to compete for the CNY 200,000 prize this summer.

About the Competition

The theme of the competition is “Coexistence with Culture”,

on the site of the 700-meter central green axis of Zhongshan Port OCT.

Where participants can express their vision of the symbiosis of urban public spaces and local culture through spatial narratives.

Creativity can also be freely expressed through elements such as additional structures,

fixtures, street furniture and the signage system.

Through it, the organizers of the competition hope that the local culture will be able to immerse itself in the daily life of the city in a unique,

innovative and harmonious way.

Only in this way can local culture offer a lasting and strong vitality.

Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition
Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition

Competition jury

  1. Dong Jong: Founder and Design Director of Vector Architects, he is also a foreign member of the French Academy of Architecture.
  2. Feng Jiang: Professor in the School of Architecture, South China University of Technology.
  3. Han Dongqing: Professor in the School of Architecture, Southeast University, and Chief Architect of Southeast University Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd.
  4. LI Baofeng is Professor in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Wuhan Institute of Architectural and Urban Design and Planning of HUST Co., Ltd.
  5. Li Xiaodong: Professor of Architecture, Tsinghua University, and Design Director of Li Xiaodong Workshop.

Judging method and prizes

The arbitration consists of two phases: professional arbitration and Internet arbitration.

Professional judges will decide the first, second and third prizes,

in addition to the Excellence Award to be awarded to the top 30 design schemes.


First prize is given to one team: Certificate + 80,000 CNY (tax included)

Second prize will be awarded to two teams: Certificate 30,000 CNY (tax included)

Third prize will be awarded to 5 teams: Certificate + 10,000 CNY (tax included)

And the Excellence Award that will be awarded to (22 teams): Certificate

Next comes the professional judging stage, in which the top 30 design plans will compete for the Popularity Award in the online judging stage.

The top 30 winners will be announced by online judging through the official WeChat account.

But the online arbitration will have no effect on the results decided by the professional arbitrators.

Online Judging Awards:

Popularity Award will be awarded to two teams: Certificate + 5,000 CNY (tax included)

The top 30 design schemes will also be featured on the

POSITION media platforms and the selected winning schemes will be developed and implemented.

Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition
Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition

How to register?

The competition is open to undergraduate, masters and doctoral students

from domestic and foreign higher education institutions.

These students undertake programs in architecture,

landscape architecture, urban planning, and other design-related disciplines.

Both individuals and teams are accepted with a maximum of 4 team members

Participants can register through the competition homepage (octzhongshan.archiposition.com) by filling in the entry information form.

Registration will be successful when the form is submitted.

Registration deadline is September 2, 2021

Design Location

The site of the competition is the central green hub of Zhongshan OCT Harbor,

Zhongshan is a city with a long history and rich culture.

Zhongshan OCT Port, is located in Shiqi Sub-district of Zhongshan,

the total site area is 297,283 square meters.

It is a large mixed-use complex including culture, tourism, entertainment,

leisure, shopping, business and residential,

The site is located in the middle of Zhongshan OCT port, the site is about 50 meters wide from north to south and 700 meters long from east to west,

covering an area of ​​about 33,000 square meters.

The location, which includes Zhongshan Square and the pedestrian bridge across the Jangkou River,

is a relatively integrated linear space, and is also an important landscape and visual corridor hub for the city.

Design principles

Location: The design scheme should have distinct local cultural characteristics, and be compatible with the local climate and social characteristics.

Integrity: The design should highlight the integrity of the public space, while organically integrating into the surrounding environment.

Creativity: Design ideas that are open, innovative and close to public life are encouraged.

Design Guidelines

The competition aims to create a vibrant public space that reflects the city’s culture.

Participants must consider the following points:
  1. Meet the needs of various public activities: The public space of the central green axis provides the functions of traffic, entertainment, public communication and festival activities.

Pedestrians must prevail, while a battery-powered vehicle will also be planned, while the design outline must show strong accessibility, openness and connectivity.

  1. Establish solid spatial narrative logic and create horizontal sequences: The design scheme must establish a solid spatial narrative logic to tell the Zhongshan story, creating a rhythmic and diverse spatial sequence.
  2. Adaptation to the local climate: the design should give full consideration to the climatic characteristics of the Lingnan area, as well as the impact of the local climate of the site on the environment.
  3. Pay more attention to detail that reflects creativity: while expressing the overall planning strategy for the green axis, participants can suggest key elements or key nodes that are able to highlight the story line and plot.

Registration requirements

  1. The official language of this competition is Chinese, and documents in both Chinese and English will be accepted.

The entire document in English or any other foreign language will not be accepted.

  1. International standard units of measurement (metric unit) must be applied in this competition.
  2. The contents of the design must be included in two vertical A1 presentation boards (594 mm x 841 mm) and a TXT file, and the contents of the design must include:
  • Comprehensive site plan
  • Presentations, analytical graphs and detail drawings to express the concepts of the scheme
  • Drawings and pictures of physical models that the participants deem necessary
  • Description of the design.
  1. The application deadline is September 9, 2021

All documents must be submitted in digital format, and all work will be printed and displayed by the co-organizer.

  1. The specific requirements of the design contents are subject to the competition document.
Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition
Zhongshan Port OCT Central Green Hub Public Space Conceptual Design Competition

Important Notes

  1. No text or markings relating to the name of the author or his institution shall appear on the drawings.
  2. Each team can only submit one design scheme, but multiple orders are strictly prohibited.
  3. No member of the jury is allowed to direct any registered participant in the competition.
  4. All participants must agree to and abide by the contents and rules of this competition, and the organizer reserves the right to final interpretation of the rules of the competition.
  5. After the Organizer delivers the Reward, the intellectual property rights of the top eight winning design schemes, (excluding copyright and non-transferable rights according to law) will be transferred permanently and exclusively to the Organizer.
  6. The participant owns the intellectual property rights to the non-winning or unselected design scheme.

The organizer and co-organizer are also entitled to use all the design materials presented in the competition free of charge, publish the results after evaluation, and submit, present and evaluate the design outline through professional media and magazines, professional books or any other forms.

  1. Participants must ensure that all content of the Design Shows was originally developed by themselves, and that it does not contain any content that may infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party.

Otherwise, the participants involved in the breach will bear all legal consequences and be disqualified from this competition.

The organizer has the right to request the return or non-payment of the relevant bonus,

and to compensate the organizer and the co-organizer for all losses caused.

Contacts and acquisition materials

Material Download Link


Official Website


Questions and Inquiries

For inquiries, please send an email to the following address:  competition@archiposition.com The subject should be “Query”.

All questions and answers will be published on the competition official website (octzhongshan.archiposition.com) before August 4, 2021.



Zhongshan OCT Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd.


Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

Xixi District Office of Zhongshan Municipal Government

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