N’Vitale is a serene Aspen house, discreetly nestled on a knoll, overlooking a high alpine valley in Colorado. This house represents the latest project completion by CCY Architects, a design studio based in the Rocky Mountains. Known for their expertise in navigating dramatic landscapes, CCY Architects have crafted a residence that fully embraces its surroundings, offering panoramic vistas across its six-acre parcel. The house overlooks a dense evergreen forest to the south, a native Gambel Oak landscape to the north, and an Aspen grove nestled between them, making it a marvel of design and nature integration.

A Harmonious Blend of Art and Nature

N’Vitale was designed for an art-loving couple who envisioned their mountain retreat as a personal showcase for their extensive collection of paintings, photography, and sculptures. Although primarily a residence, the home’s interconnected volumes provide a tranquil gallery space, contributing to its contemporary ambiance. The design studio meticulously noted the clients’ desire for the house to embrace the site’s rich biodiversity, which is frequently visited by foxes, black bears, elk, and mule deer.

Luxurious Retreat with Modern Amenities

Situated with easy access to skiing and close proximity to town, N’Vitale is a comfortable retreat equipped with luxurious amenities. The residence includes a pool, gym, and spa treatment room, making it an ideal sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. The main structure of the house, along with its guest wing, is conceived as a weathered steel box encasing a glass pavilion, topped with a gentle winged roof. This design gives the house a low-lying presence on the land while allowing natural light to filter through the living spaces, creating a harmonious blend with the natural environment.

Embracing Indoor-Outdoor Living

The house employs a combination of transparent and opaque materials, offering a playful take on indoor-outdoor living. This approach ensures a cosy, private interior during the crisp winter seasons while inviting the movement of nature through large windows that frame the expansive evergreen forest. The thoughtful use of materials helps to blur the lines between the interior and the exterior, allowing the homeowners to feel connected to the surrounding landscape throughout the year.

Art-Focused Design

A key element of N’Vitale’s design is its emphasis on the clients’ art collection. The house features carefully designed lighting to create pockets of exhibition opportunities, showcasing the artworks beautifully. The entrance axis is cleverly aligned with an outdoor sculpture, making the art an integral part of the home’s design and experience. This thoughtful integration allows the residence to serve not only as a living space but also as a lasting legacy, cherished by the owners and their children.


N’Vitale by CCY Architects is a remarkable example of how architecture can harmonize with its natural surroundings while fulfilling the personal desires of its inhabitants. This Aspen house is more than just a residence; it is a tranquil gallery space and a luxurious retreat, offering panoramic views and a deep connection to nature. The innovative design, blending transparent and opaque materials, creates a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. The emphasis on the clients’ art collection further enhances the home’s contemporary feel, making it a unique and lasting legacy for the family. As a testament to CCY Architects’ skill in negotiating dramatic landscapes, N’Vitale stands as a beautiful and functional addition to the high alpine valley in Colorado.

Images: Eric Petschek

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