Competition: Modular Timber Housing

Competition: Modular Timber Housing المنافسة: مساكن خشبية معيارية


Competition: Modular Timber Housing

How can modular timber construction respond to the contemporary housing crisis? How to achieve the greatest architectural variety with the fewest building elements possible? Competition: Modular Timber Housing

Additionally, The competition aims to find innovative ideas for a universal modular timber building system. The statements must be based on actual needs, with an eye to the future.

We want to redefine the construction industry as the production of standard elements and create a new, more efficient construction system that is both durable and sustainable.

Moreover, We are looking for design solutions for basic prefabricated modules that allow the greatest possible variety of housing units and typological adaptation to different locations.

Furthermore, More information:

Conditions of participation
The competition is open to architects, urban planners, landscape architects, civil engineers, industrial designers, and students of these disciplines.


Špela Videčnik, architect, OFIS architects
Rok Oman, architect, OFIS Architects
Gregor Turnšek, architect….etc, and partner, Jan and KMM Architects
Dr. Iztok Šušteršič, an expert in sustainable construction with renewable materials

Peter Pavšič, architect

Matevž Granda, architect and executive editor of Outsider

First Prize: 4000 EUR
Second prize: 2000 EUR
Third prize: 1250 EUR
Additionally, Seven prizes of 250 EUR each


Finally, read more on Archup:

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