Design Education Awards 2023

جوائز Design Educates 2023

The Design Educates 2023 Awards were recently announced by the Laka Foundation.

It is a competition aimed at researching the educational potential of architecture and design.

It also aims to invite everyone, to promote the best ideas and applications of architecture and design that do education globally,

About the competition

Entries into the 2023 Design Educates Awards accepted by the Laka Foundation are considered an interdisciplinary invitation.

And that’s for ideas that recognize the best ideas and applications, for architecture and design that can educate.

In addition, the Design Educates Awards showcase and promote awarded designs worldwide.

And the design itself may provide an informative and educational layer that guides us through the increasing complexity of our environment.

The design explains social and cultural factors and influences, and can present specific possibilities and challenges.

Or even outlining new scenarios for future development.

Each year, the distinguished jury selects outstanding ideas and applications in the categories of Architectural Design, Product Design, General Design, and Responsive Design.

The theme of the awards was inspired by a paper titled “Educating Buildings” “Bildende (Bauten”), by Dr. Peter Kuczia.


Design Education Awards 2023
Design Education Awards 2023


Competition categories include:

  • Designing products of all types and scales, such as household goods and industrial products as well.
  • Responsive design is a building, object, or product capable of responding to conditions in a given environment.

And finding a solution to the problem after identifying it, by interacting with its surroundings and users.

  • General Design – Designs may not be rigorous in architecture, product design, or interdisciplinary and difficult to categorize.
  • The student’s project with the highest score will be awarded the title of Emerging Designers, in addition to an overall assessment.

Solarlux representatives who have been awarded the Solarlux Choice Award are also selected, in parallel with the jury.

During the Architecture Conference the Awards Ceremony for 2023 will be held at the Solar Luxe Campus in Germany (Meele, Lower Saxony, Germany) from 22-23 September.

Winners and winners will also be presented in the annual publication Design Educates.


Design Education Awards 2023
Design Education Awards 2023


The award winners also join an elite group of 116 members from 35 countries so far.

They are welcome to present their designs during the award ceremony in Germany, and are featured in the Design Educates book.

In addition, winners, award recipients, honorable mentions, as well as nominations in each of the competition categories will be selected.

The student’s project with the highest score also receives the Emerging Designers designation, in addition to an overall evaluation.


Design Education Awards 2023
Design Education Awards 2023

Entrance fees

Finally, the basic entry fee for each entry is as follows and represented in US dollars for early, regular and late entries, respectively.

  • Individual student: $100

Student Team: $125

  • Professional individual: $250
  • The company has 10 employees: $300
  • Company 11 – 100 employees: 350 dollars

• The company has more than 100 employees: 600 dollars.


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