Designverse Awards 2024-2025

A key feature of the Designverse platform is Designverse Ranking, which was created using professional media data, algorithms, and worldwide design awards as a basis. It bridges the knowledge gap in the market for development and design firms. Global development agencies and design resource agencies seeking beauty and quality can link through user co-construction and ongoing gathering, refinement, extraction, and summarization of real projects and events.

With the purpose of precisely targeting the design resource pool of design subfields for development agencies and empowering design resource agencies, Designverse Awards is an award platform that links development agencies and design resource agencies.

They are able to consider their place in the design industry and establish their brand through the award platform’s publicity and promotion services thanks to its distinctive features, which include big data and data monitoring, search ranking, resource linking, and brand promotion.

The goal of the Designverse Awards is to honor notable events, brands, and design organizations that have made significant contributions to the larger design industry chain.

We support originality with awards, give participating agencies long-term brand growth incubation and consulting services, and help them enhance the value of their digital assets so they can be found and recognized by the industry and access a wider range of potential business opportunities through the digital filtering of rankings and platform empowering through content promotion. In addition, the award acts as a hub for the promotion of intellectual property rights, helps verify the dates of publication of entries’ intellectual property, encourages and supports originality in entries, and supports and endorses the protection of entries’ rights.

  • Design resource companies: these include operation, technical, professional, specialized, and scheme design consultants, among others.
  • Development agencies: these include the government and its development platforms, as well as developers, high-caliber private owners, and brand owners from a range of industries.

Industry leaders with a thorough awareness of the large design industry ecosystem, a wealth of collaborative experience, and sound judgment make up the final jury panel for the Designverse Awards. Additionally, there are specialized judges with international perspectives and expertise directing recognized works. They pick the “Designverse Awards Outstanding Prize” after jointly evaluating the “Designverse Awards Jury Grand Prize” in a number of space, product, and brands/major events areas.

The “Designverse Awards Outstanding Prize” consists of four Outstanding Prizes in the product category (residential, office, social and leisure, transportation), two Outstanding Prizes for annual major events, and six Outstanding Prizes in the space category (architecture, landscape, interiors, technical consultants, professional consultants, specialized consultants).

In addition to having the authority to establish a Special Jury Single Prize, members of the final jury panel are permitted to suggest two participating agencies that were immediately shortlisted for nomination prizes.

The 2024–2025 Designverse Awards final judging panel is made up of 36 specialized jurors. We are now formally announcing the 28 experts on the jury. In due course, the remaining eight jury members will be revealed.


  • Nomination Prize
  • Special Honor Prize
  • Jury Grand Prize
  • Outstanding Prize

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