Deadline: Midnight (BST) on Tuesday 1 June 2021
4 Prizes of £1000
The Drawing Matter Trust is pleased to announce the return of the Drawing Matter Writing Prize. The competition invites participants to carefully check out drawings and to think about what they reveal about the method of design, and therefore the buildings or objects they represent.
The Writing Prize competition is hospitable anyone aged over 18, with or without a background in architecture or design. We welcome a broad range of approaches towards writing, and voices from art and architectural history, the sciences and humanities, alongside practitioners – architects, designers, artists and writers.
This year the competition are going to be judged by Prof. Adrian Forty and Prof. Briony Fer, with support from the Drawing Matter editorial team.
The competition winners, and other participants with outstanding entries, will be invited to publish their texts on Drawing Matter’s website. Covid-19 restrictions permitting, we hope to announce the winners on Saturday 17 July 2021 at the Drawing Matter Archive in Somerset.

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