Eclectic Warsaw apartment interior designed as “elaborate puzzle”

Eclectic Warsaw apartment interior designed as “elaborate puzzle”

Eclectic Warsaw apartment interior designed as an “elaborate puzzle”

Located in the city’s Praga Północneighborhoodd, the 45-square-metre flat is set within a 1950s estate designed by Polish architects Jerzy Gieysztor and Jerzy Kumelowski.

Interior of apartment renovation by Mistovia

Mistovia devised an eclectic material and color palette when updating the interior, which the studio describes as an “elaborate puzzle” of contrasting patterns.

“The apartment is based on several dominant ‘cubes’,” said Mistovia founder Marcin Czopek. “Each of them has a different function, accentuated by various patterns through the use of veneer or color.”

Swirly grey wood panels in the living space
Panels of swirly grey wood veneer feature in the living space

The living room is defined by a wall paneled in swirly grey wood veneer– originally designed by Memphis Group founder Ettore Sottsass for Alpi in 1980. While the bathroom is obscured behind a wall of glass blocks.

Moreover, The kitchen is now connected to the lounge to create one open-plan space, filled with statement pieces including a misshapen vase and the molten-looking Plopp stool by Polish designer Oskar Zieta, set against the backdrop of floor-to-ceiling walnut-burl cabinets.

Tortoiseshell cabinet with cobalt legs in the bathroom
A tortoiseshell cabinet defines the bathroom

Terrazzo was used to form chunky black-and-white legs for the kitchen’s window-side breakfast bar and an entire burnt-orange table in the dining area.

“A muted base – bright, uniform micro cement flooring and walls with a delicate texture. Also, allowed for the use of geometric forms, rich in interesting structures and bold patterns,” Czopek said.

Designed for an art director and her dog, the apartment features a similarly striking bathroom.

Here, gridded monochrome tiles and glass-brick walls with a statement standalone sink. Additionally, featuring squat cobalt-blue legs that support a tortoiseshell cabinet crowned by a triptych mirror.

Purple and marble accents designed by Mistovia
The single bedroom includes purple and marble accents

A purple wardrobe complements the rectilinear marble headboard in the apartment’s singular bedroom. Therefore, adding to the boxy geometry of the home.


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