El Pantà de Sau. A Beacon for Cultural Heritage

Submission: December 20, 2021
Registration: December 20, 2021
Language: English, Catalan, Spanish
Location: Catalonia, Spain
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


El Pantà de Sau is one among the foremost prominent features of its kind across the entire of Spain. The valley during which it lies was home to the tiny village of Sant Romà de Sau which is now submerged beneath the reservoir, aside from the Church steeple, which remains visible when the water level is low. The reservoir is one among many who provides water for Catalonia’s Capital city, Barcelona and is therefore of giant importance to the world .The reservoir sits within Les Guilleries park , a protected area spread across 8,300 hectares of the pre-Pyrenees within central Catalonia. Its mountainous landscape is formed from tree topped undulating mountains and dramatic sheer cliff edges. Steeped in nature, activities and rich history, the world has become a haven for the people of Catalonia and visitors to the region.

Considering the present environmental crisis and therefore the Covid-19 pandemic that we are experiencing globally, it’s important that we use our expertise as designers to make considerate and thoughtful sustainable architecture that feeds and nourishes both the world and us as people. With this in mind, we are posing for applicants to style a bit of vernacular architecture which will be environmentally conscious with a minimal carbon footprint. It should set an example for a way architecture can work with the encompassing landscape and benefit areas like this protected natural park.

The idea is to supply an architectural beacon for the world which will attract short stay visitors and act as a gathering point. The building should also provide an area for meditation and reflection for visitors and therefore the area people to return and exit of their everyday troubles, with an in depth connection to the encompassing nature and scenery.

Larsen is providing a chance to showcase your skill and creativity. This competition is hospitable all designers and style students.

A cash prize of £250 are going to be awarded to the winning team.
Photos and knowledge about the winners are going to be published on our website.
Winners are going to be offered the chance to act as jurors for one among our next competitions.
Free entry into one among our next competitions (winners cannot participate and act as a juror within the same competition).

2. the highest 5 runners up will have their competition entries displayed on our website and social media platforms and an open vote will select one among these five entries to be first runner up and thus , the general public Favourite.
The first runner up also will receive a 50% discount off the entry fee for one among our next competitions.
The remaining four entries will receive honourable mentions and have their entries published on our website.

3. an extra five honourable mentions are going to be awarded and published on our website.


A single A1 presentation board of the proposed design.
Text summary of project (max 1000 words).

Submission: 11.59pm (UK time) 20 December 2021
Results Announcement: 14th January 2022


Early Birds £25/team
(Now – 1st June 2021)

Standard Registration £35/team
(2nd July – 1st October 2021)

Late registrations £50/team
(2nd October 2021 – 20th December 2021)

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