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Tasmeem 2024: Memory Box

June 27 @ 8:00 am August 30 @ 5:00 pm

The third edition of the graphic design exhibition, Tasmeem, is currently being held at the business and cultural center ICD Brookfield Place. This year’s theme, “Memory Box,” invites both designers and visitors to explore the ways cultural upbringing and shared experiences influence contemporary design.

Exploring Cultural Upbringing and Shared Experiences

Wafa Al Falahi, the designer behind the theme, conceptualized “Memory Box” as an exploration of how personal and collective memories shape artistic expression. Al Falahi’s vision prompts a deep dive into the impact of past experiences on current creative endeavors. Speaking about the theme, Al Falahi noted, “Memory acts as a powerful bridge between our past and present, guiding our creativity and providing a rich source of inspiration.”

Selected Posters and Curatorial Process

The exhibition features 12 posters selected by a diverse committee of professionals including designer Mohammed Ameer, architects Elias and Yousef Anastas, artist Christopher Joshua Benton, and Sunny Rahbar, co-founder of The Third Line. Each poster was chosen for its unique interpretation of the “Memory Box” theme, reflecting the designers’ distinct cultural narratives and personal histories. This selection process ensures a rich diversity of perspectives, capturing the essence of how memory informs and enriches design.

Souq Tasmeem: A Marketplace for Creative Expression

Alongside the exhibition, Tasmeem 2024 hosts Souq Tasmeem, a vibrant market that showcases handmade books, zines, posters, stationery, ceramics, and design objects from both emerging and established designers. This marketplace provides a platform for creative expression and allows visitors to engage with a variety of unique and innovative design works.

The Role of Memory in Design

The overarching theme of “Memory Box” invites participants to reflect on the profound role memory plays in shaping design. Al Falahi’s approach emphasizes the intersection of nostalgia and creativity, prompting designers to draw from their own cultural and personal experiences. This reflective process encourages a deeper understanding of how memories influence artistic vision and contribute to the creation of meaningful and impactful designs.

Engaging with Diverse Narratives

By featuring a wide range of posters that interpret the theme from different angles, Tasmeem 2024 showcases how memories, both personal and collective, can be translated into visual art. The selected works highlight the power of design to convey complex emotions and narratives, making the exhibition a rich tapestry of cultural expressions and individual stories.

Bringing Designers and Audiences Together

Tasmeem 2024 provides a dynamic space for interaction between designers and the audience, fostering a dialogue about the ways memory influences artistic practice. The exhibition encourages visitors to consider how their own experiences shape their perceptions of the works on display, creating a participatory environment where memory and design intersect.

Reflection and Innovation

As visitors engage with the posters and the broader themes of the exhibition, they are prompted to reflect on their own memories and how these inform their understanding of design. This engagement with personal and collective histories allows for a deeper appreciation of the innovative approaches taken by the featured designers. Tasmeem 2024 thus serves as a platform for both reflection and forward-thinking creativity, highlighting the ongoing evolution of graphic design through the lens of memory.

Conclusion: Celebrating Memory in Graphic Design

In its third iteration, Tasmeem continues to celebrate the intersection of memory and graphic design, offering a space for both creators and viewers to explore how past experiences shape contemporary artistic practices. The theme “Memory Box” provides a rich framework for understanding the influence of cultural upbringing and shared experiences on design, making Tasmeem 2024 a significant event for the graphic design community.

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