Somewhere within the fast-paced world of today, we’ve lost touch with ourselves, and rather than trying to measure our lives we all attempt to race and shine at something that’s someone else’s interest.

With all the work that comes with our lives, our health takes a back seat. tons of our lives became sedentary and even those that aren’t , have lost the gratification it once gave, and in both cases, work has taken a toll on our health.

Vacation may be a recent invention although not entirely alien, that the past few centuries have seen. it’s an important break taken from one’s routine life to rejuvenate themselves from the wear and tear and tear their work afflicts one with.

But as all goodies come to an end; vacations have a limit to them too. How can great architecture boost our vacation experiences?


The design challenge here is to make a net-zero off-grid retreat that’s safe yet provides requisite necessities to balance nature with human life.

The retreat is predicted to be planned altogether aspects of how humans are often sensitized to living with nature, at an equivalent time how it’s planned right from its inception to its day-to-day running.

The participants are expected to select a minimum of 3 crucial facets which are susceptible to disrupt nature (for eg. energy, waste management, food consumption, materials used, construction process, etc.) while building or running such a retreat.

Net-zero, may be a tough challenge to unravel , and it can’t be until engineering and architecture both close to unravel this issue. How can design help us move closer to net-zero at an equivalent time define how holiday retreats to be really inbuilt the years to come?

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