Where creativity meets recognition, the Buildner Unbuilt Award 2024 stands as a grand celebration of architectural creativity and innovation. This prestigious competition is dedicated to honoring the brilliance of unrealized designs, recognizing the profound value embedded within the creative process. By celebrating ideas and visions that, while not brought to life, embody the spirit of architectural exploration and ingenuity, the award acknowledges the essence of the architectural journey.

Participants are invited to submit their work, enjoying unrestricted freedom to highlight their creativity and vision. Whether it’s designs still on paper, detailed plans awaiting realization, or conceptual ideas seeking acknowledgment, all forms of unbuilt projects are welcome. Submissions are categorized as small, medium, or large, ensuring that every project gets the recognition it deserves.


  • Small Wonders: up to 100 sqm
  • Medium Marvels: from 101 to 999 sqm
  • Large Visions: over 1,000 sqm


  • Prize Fund: 100,000 € & your chapter in the book “The Buildner Unbuilt Award Winners”
    • Small Scale Category Winner: 20,000 €
    • Medium Scale Category Winner: 20,000 €
    • Large Scale Category Winner: 20,000 €
    • Honourable Mentions: 1,000 € each for five projects in each scale category
  • Student Prize Winners:
    • Small Scale Category Winner: 5,000 €
    • Medium Scale Category Winner: 5,000 €
    • Large Scale Category Winner: 5,000 €
  • Best Presentation Award: 10,000 € (competing across all categories)

The Buildner Unbuilt Award 2024 is a platform that showcases the incredible potential of unbuilt designs, applauding the imagination and commitment of architects and designers striving for innovation and excellence. This competition not only celebrates the creative journey but also elevates the importance of visionary architectural ideas in shaping the future.

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