Gzhel pattern-inspired tea set

Gzhel pattern-inspired tea set – DesignWanted : DesignWanted

Gzhel pattern-inspired tea set

The tea set is “Siluet” (Silhouette) and by the Russian duo Sergey Frolov & Maxim Efremov. The basis of formation is taken from the outlines of the traditional Gzhel pattern.

Gzhel is a Russian style of ceramics that takes its name from the village of Gzhel. And the surrounding area, where it has been produced since 1802.

It is a lovely addition and decoration to any domestic tea roa an om or corner.

A tea set inspired by the traditional Gzhel pattern designed by Russian duo Sergey Frolov & Maxim

The refuse from a decorative painting of the tea set is a maximally simple interpretation of the external contour (silhouette).

The shape of the set units is very simple, everything is the main idea is to highlight the silhouette of the traditional pattern.


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