Discover The Hanok Heritage House: A Tranquil Retreat Near Seoul

Founded by Sangyoon Kim, Listen Communication is a Seoul-based firm dedicated to reinterpreting Korea’s beauty through spatial and product design. At the heart of Korean architecture lies the hanok, a traditional residential structure embodying cultural heritage and sustainability principles. The Hanok Heritage House, situated just a two-hour drive southeast of Seoul, epitomizes these characteristics.

Embracing Tradition

Spanning 73 acres, The Hanok Heritage House is a sprawling hospitality complex that aims to encapsulate the essence of hanok architecture. Eventually comprising 78 structures across 176,000 square feet, the project stands as a tribute to Korea’s rich cultural heritage.

Yeongwol Jongtaek: Phase One

The first phase of the project, known as Yeongwol Jongtaek, features a cluster of three edifices. These buildings seamlessly integrate hanok characteristics, including tiled gable roofs, natural building materials, underfloor heating, and courtyard layouts. The crossbeam-and-pillar construction, intrinsic to hanok architecture, serves as the project’s structural backbone.

a long wooden dining table

Thoughtful Design

Each building in Yeongwol Jongtaek boasts two guest rooms on the main level, totaling six rooms across the cluster. A spacious shared lounge area fosters community among guests, while flexible event spaces on the lower level accommodate various gatherings. Korean craftsmanship and materials infuse the interiors with an artisanal aesthetic, enhancing the overall experiential quality.

Natural Harmony

The Hanok Heritage House harmonizes with its natural surroundings, offering guests an immersive escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. An outdoor infinity pool invites relaxation, while carefully dried hinoki and red cedar imbue the air with a subtle natural fragrance, enriching the sensory experience.


The Hanok Heritage House stands as a testament to Korea’s architectural legacy, offering guests a tranquil retreat infused with tradition and modern comfort. With its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to sustainability, this expansive hospitality complex promises a truly unforgettable stay near Seoul.

the common area includes earth-toned furnishings


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