Harvard GSD – Wheelwright Prize 2023

Harvard GSD - Wheelwright Prize 2023 هارفارد GSD - جائزة صانع العجلات 2023


Harvard GSD – Wheelwright Prize 2023

The Wheelwright Prize – Harvard GSD is an open international competition that awards 100,000 USD to a talented early-career architect to support new forms of architectural research. The annual prize is to foster expansive, intensive design research that shows the potential to make a significant impact on architectural discourse. We seek individual applicants who are accomplished but emerging. Who are resourceful and risk-taking. And who can make the most of this extraordinary opportunity to advance a research project that will have a significant impact on his or her professional development. And potentially on the discipline of architecture as a whole.

Applicants must have received a degree from an accredited professional architecture program in the past 15 years (2008 or later). For complete eligibility requirements, applicants should review carefully the requirements included on the Wheelwright Prize website.



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