Copenhagen’s Hotel Bella Grande, designed by local studio Tonen, blends historic charm with contemporary elegance, drawing inspiration from Venetian palazzos. Situated near Copenhagen City Hall in a historic building from 1899, the hotel was refurbished to enhance its potential while preserving its character.

Timeless Interiors with a Venetian Flair

Design Philosophy: Tonen aimed to create timeless yet modern interiors, combining nostalgic charm with sophisticated design. The goal was to celebrate the historic architecture while integrating high-quality, luxurious materials reminiscent of midcentury Italian design.

Italian Inspiration: The design was influenced by a trip to Italy, particularly a Venetian palazzo with a central courtyard and peach-colored walls. This inspiration is evident in the bright atrium of the hotel, which features a roof light, marble-tiled floors, and colorful furnishings.

Architectural and Interior Features

Atrium Design: Previously dark and underused, the atrium is now a bright, welcoming space filled with natural light, colorful upholstered banquettes, and bold red-and-white checkerboard tiles. Soundproof windows and acoustic treatments enhance the comfort of the space.

Rooms and Suites: The hotel’s 109 rooms and suites are designed for a calming atmosphere, using muted colors and sophisticated details. Features include upholstered armchairs, fabric lampshades from Danish brand Oi soi oi, and bespoke vanities made by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri.

Italian Restaurant – Donna: The hotel’s restaurant, Donna, offers a vibrant interior with moody red and pink hues. The dining room’s dark red ceiling complements blood-red couches and pink curtains, creating an atmosphere of romance that transitions to a nightclub vibe in the evenings. Guests can dine in the main restaurant or the atrium, while a cocktail lounge provides a cozy space for drinks and conversation.

Furniture and Decor

Vintage and Contemporary Mix: Tonen sourced vintage objects and artworks to complement contemporary pieces such as furniture from &Tradition, bedside lamps by Tom Dixon, and side tables from Polspotten. This mix of vintage and new design elements reflects Tonen’s signature style and contributes to the hotel’s distinctive aesthetic.

Custom Details: The studio was involved in every detail of the fit-out, ensuring a cohesive design throughout the hotel. Custom vanities and other bespoke elements add to the hotel’s luxurious feel.

Impact on Copenhagen’s Hospitality Scene

Hotel Bella Grande stands as a testament to Tonen’s ability to blend historic architecture with contemporary design. The hotel’s unique aesthetic and thoughtful integration of Italian influences make it a standout destination in Copenhagen’s hospitality scene, offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the city.

Conclusion: By revitalizing a historic building with modern sophistication and a touch of Venetian charm, Tonen has created a hotel that is both a visual treat and a comfortable, inviting space. Hotel Bella Grande exemplifies how thoughtful design can transform historic structures into vibrant, functional spaces that resonate with both local and international guests.

Photos: Tonen

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