Housing Construction from 4 to 1 planet

Housing Construction from 4 to 1 planet

Architecture Competition: Housing Construction from 4 to 1 planet

Housing construction from 4 to 1 planet is initiated by the philanthropic association Realdania and the non-profit foundation VILLUM FOUNDATION; both dedicated to how the built environment can enable quality of life and sustainability.

The objective of the initiative is to reduce the footprint of newly built housing to a level that the planet can sustain, i.e., a life cycle CO2 footprint of 2.5 kg/m2/p.a.
To fuel this ambition, we will explore radical new approaches and stimulate innovation within architecture, materials, and manufacturing. In this open call we reach out to the best of minds and ideas.

Two open calls
• In Next Generation Architecture we ask the next generation of architects, engineers, and other free minds to propose visionary housing concepts stripped from all concerns except being absolute sustainable on carbon footprint and yet affordable.
• In Sustainable Solutions we call out to inventors, manufacturers, and contractors for best and next practices regarding materials, products, and processes with minimal carbon footprint.

1:1 demonstration
Next Generation Architecture and Sustainable Solutions is an initial ideation phase that identifies, matures, and accelerates ideas and solutions to new build low carbon housing. It will be followed with large-scale 1:1 demonstration house building in Denmark developed and implemented in collaboration with leading house builders, companies, and experts.

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