International Design Competition for Yeonsu Youth Center

International Design Competition for Yeonsu Youth Center | مسابقة التصميم الدولية لمركز شباب يونسو

Architecture Competition: International Design Competition for Yeonsu Youth Center


Adolescents should enjoy the present through self-directed participation and activities in a fair and safe social environment and need active support and attention to become self-reliant with the capabilities necessary for the future society.

Therefore, Yeonsu-gu plans to build a “Yeonsu-gu Youth Center” that can promote healthy youth growth through various youth activities such as cultural activities, creative experience activities, career experience activities, and internationalization activities for teenagers. The purpose of this design competition is to provide efficient and creative spaces for various training and self-development activities such as culture, education, experience, and physical education, and to establish a youth center as a representative building in Incheon.

  • AWARDS (Taxes and duties included)

1st Place Winner(1 entry):

Award and the priority negotiation rights for the basic and working design

2nd Place Winner(1 entry):

Award and KRW 50 million in prize money

3rd Place Winner(1 entry):

Award and KRW 30 million in prize money

4th Place Winner(2 entries):

Award and KRW 10 million in prize money

Runner-up Winner(10 entries):



– Luca Galofaro – Associated professor, Università di Camerino

– Dennis Pieprz – Principal, Sasaki Associates

– Dietmar Feichtinger – Principal, Dietmar Feichtinger Architects 

– Heo Seogoo – Principal, Studio HSG

– Kim Sooyoung – Principal, Su:mvie Architects

– Lim Jong-yup – Professor, Inha Unicersity

  • Schedule

– Participation Registration: Wed, Dec 1st to Fri, Dec 17th 17:00, 2021

– Entry Submission: Due Mon, Feb 28th 17:00, 2022

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