Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 2:53 PM — Friday, Apr 30, 2021 2:53 PMEDT

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5th Istanbul Design Biennial Opens With ‘Empathy Revisited: Designs For More Than One’

Curated by Mariana Pestana with Sumitra Upham and Billie Muraben, Empathy Revisited: Designs for quite one, the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial opened its doors to the public—digitally and physically—on October 15. It runs until April 30, 2021.

Organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and humanities (İKSV) under the sponsorship of VitrA and with the support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the biennial will happen in exhibition venues, outdoor spaces in Istanbul and digital platforms. The projects displayed within the exhibition venues are going to be hospitable visit until November 15, 2020 while the interventions within the city, research projects and video series will still evolve until April 30, 2021 and beyond.

The biennial takes place during a worldwide pandemic, a singular moment in time when the entire world is engaged in imagining what is going to come next. It’s a time of rupture and questioning. In face of the various and constantly shifting challenges and regulations caused by the pandemic, the biennial devised a programme that instead of resisting or ignoring the present scenario, adapts thereto . It reappraises the normal biennial model to propose a generative and locally produced programme, developed in dialogue with, and catered for, the citizens of Istanbul. Concerned with legacy, many of the projects will still live post-2020. Amidst an acute ecological crisis and a general state of social isolation, the biennial invites us to think critically about how we relate to at least one another and to others, be them human or other bodies—biologic, bacterial, or geologic.


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