Jaumur – A Vision of Luxury and Livability

NEOM, the ambitious project in northwest Saudi Arabia, unveils its latest addition – Jaumur, a cosmopolitan luxury community nestled along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. With a focus on future livability and active lifestyle, Jaumur promises to redefine luxury living in the region.

Residential Community and Marina Lifestyle

Jaumur is envisioned as an exclusive residential community designed around a vibrant marina, catering to over 6,000 residents. The community boasts 500 marina apartments and nearly 700 luxury villas, all offering waterfront access and private mooring. Two destination hotels with 350 luxurious rooms and suites complement the residential offerings, providing guests with unparalleled coastal hospitality.

The Iconic Marina

At the heart of Jaumur lies its iconic marina, a monumental 1.5-kilometer aerofoil structure that provides protection for yacht owners and a focal point for residents and guests alike. With a gravity-defying cantilever, the marina welcomes the world’s largest superyachts, establishing itself as a premier destination for yachting enthusiasts.

Vibrant Community Hub

The marina promenade serves as a lively hub, offering entertainment, leisure, and cultural experiences throughout the year. From arts events to performance programs, signature retail stores, and world-class dining options. Jaumur’s community hub promises a dynamic and engaging environment for residents and visitors alike.

NEOM announces Jaumur, a cosmopolitan marina community

Commitment to Innovation and Education

Jaumur’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its state-of-the-art deep-sea research center, dedicated to marine exploration and conservation. Additionally, an international boarding school aims to nurture global talent through a progressive education curriculum delivered by an esteemed faculty of experts and innovators.

Architectural Design and Sustainability

Jaumur’s architectural design seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, blending golden sands with the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. With a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, Jaumur sets a new standard for luxury living in harmony with the environment.

Conclusion: Embracing Luxury, Lifestyle, and Sustainability

As the latest addition to NEOM’s portfolio of sustainable tourism destinations, Jaumur embodies the vision of luxury, lifestyle, and sustainability. With its marina community, vibrant amenities, commitment to innovation, and architectural excellence. Jaumur sets a new benchmark for coastal living in the region.

NEOM announces Jaumur cosmopolitan marina community

Photos: NEOM


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