King Salman Charter for Architecture and Urbanism | Photography Competition

King Salman Charter for Architecture and Urbanism | Photography Competition | مسابقة التصوير لميثاق الملك سلمان العمراني

Architecture Competition: King Salman Charter for Architecture and Urbanism

Charter in a Picture

Based on the vision of the Architecture and Design Authority in discovering and motivating local talent by developing inspiration and ideas in the fields of architecture and design, the Authority launched a photo competition for the King Salman Urban Charter; With the aim of providing an opportunity for those interested in architectural photography to experience a creative exploratory experience that aims to document a comprehensive urban vision for a generation that will build the future.


  • Establishing a public awareness of the methodology of the King Salman Urban Charter to achieve excellence and raise the quality of life for all members of society.
  • To highlight the exemplary local works applied to the King Salman Urban Charter by reviewing images from different regions of the Kingdom that reflect the six values of the Charter.
  • Develop and support local capabilities and talents within the development of the sector.


  • Photographers
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • People who are interested in photography overall


  • Idea and topic
  • Rendering and lighting
  • Quality of images
  • Creativity and originality


Stage 1:
Receiving submissions (2nd Jan – 19th Jan)

Stage 2:

Stage 3:
Voting and results announcement


  • 1st Rank: 20K SAR
  • 2nd Rank 15K SAR
  • 3rd Rank: 10K SAR

How to Apply?

  • Register at the site
  • Upload the required files
  • Upload it in high quality

Terms and Conditions

The Ministry of Culture welcomes all those wishing to participate. To enter the competition, the following is required:

  • That the participations reflect one or more of the six values ​​of the charter.
  • You can submit 3 photos for each participant in the competition; Provided that each photo is of a different building.
  • The submitted images must be in JPEG format, and of high quality and resolution, and the quality should not be less than 300dpi.
  • It is allowed to make basic technical modifications to the photos, provided that this does not affect the credibility and origin of the photo. No additions or merging are allowed, and photos with a frame, signature, date, or name of the photographer are not accepted.
  • It is possible to share pictures taken through professional cameras or a mobile phone camera.
  • Allows all community groups to be involved.


  • The photographer undertakes the originality of the participating images, and that no one owns the intellectual property rights of the participating image.
  • The Ministry of Culture has the right to use the winning photos to promote the competition for the coming years.
  • The Ministry of Culture has the right to exclude any participant without giving any reasons, and without entailing any obligations or compensation of any kind on the Ministry.
  • The Ministry of Culture is not responsible for any material losses or damages resulting from participating in the competition.

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