Leap is an innovative material developed by Beyond Leather Materials, made primarily from upcycled apple waste. This Copenhagen-based company, founded in 2017 by Hannah Michaud and Mikael Eydt, is at the forefront of developing next-generation materials that embody the principles of a circular economy.

Development and Manufacturing

Leap is a product of extensive research and development aimed at converting discarded apple pulp from apple juice and cider producers into a valuable material. Beyond Leather Materials has optimized and scaled up the production process to transform apple waste into a versatile material, thereby helping to reduce waste management costs for apple producers and prevent waste from ending up in landfills. It is estimated that each square meter of Leap saves approximately 1.8 kg of apple pulp from landfill.

Manufacturing Capacity

Leap is now produced in 1.5-meter-wide rolls, with a production capacity exceeding 100,000 square meters annually. This capability marks the company’s evolution from a research-driven start-up to an established supplier in the market of leather alternatives.

Material Composition

Leap is composed of three layers:

  • A Tencel™ based textile backing.
  • An apple waste blend mixed with natural rubber and other bio-based ingredients.
  • A water-based, partially bio-based polyurethane (PU) coating, with the uppermost protective layer containing fossil-fuel-derived ingredients.

This composition results in a durable, premium-feeling material with more than 85% bio-based content.


Leap is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Small leather goods
  • Furniture and interior design
  • Home decor
  • Future potential use in the automotive industry

The material is available in five standard colors and four textures. It is dyed using pigments within the topcoat, avoiding traditional tanning processes and toxic chemicals. Customization for color and texture will soon be available, meeting specific minimum order quantity requirements.

Environmental Impact and Certifications

Leap is an animal-free material with over 85% bio-based content. Beyond Leather Materials is pursuing certifications to validate the bio-based content and its animal-free origin. Preliminary life cycle analysis (LCA) has been conducted and is under third-party verification.

Future Potential

Leap exemplifies a sustainable approach to manufacturing by offering a solution for upcycling food industry byproducts. It represents a significant step toward environmentally conscious design and quality, demonstrating how new materials can transform industries toward a more sustainable future. Beyond Leather Materials remains committed to evolving Leap towards 100% bio-based ingredients, highlighting the potential of these innovative alternatives to impact various sectors in the value chain.

Leap by Beyond Leather Materials is not just a product but a symbol of the shift towards a more sustainable, circular economy, showcasing how environmental responsibility and premium quality can coexist.

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