British designer Lee Broom has once again captivated the design world with his latest lighting collection, unveiled during NYCxDesign. Inspired by Paulo Coelho’s novel “The Alchemist,” Broom’s Alchemist collection is a testament to the transformative power of design, weaving together themes of astrology, mythology, and folklore.

Drawing Inspiration from “The Alchemist”

At the heart of the Alchemist collection lies a deep reverence for storytelling and symbolism. Drawing inspiration from Coelho’s novel, Broom sought to capture the essence of alchemy—the ancient art of transformation. Through meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design, he brings to life the alchemical journey, inviting viewers to explore themes of change, destiny, and self-discovery.

Exploring the Language of Materials

Central to the Alchemist collection is the exploration of materials and their symbolic significance. Broom’s use of brass, glass, acrylic, and leather reflects the alchemist’s quest to transmute base elements into gold. Each material is carefully selected for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to convey meaning, adding layers of depth and complexity to the designs.

The Symbolism of Brass: A Journey of Transformation

At the core of the collection lies brass—a material steeped in symbolism and tradition. Informed by the traditional art of welding brass, the pieces in the Alchemist collection embody the alchemical journey, with each element representing a stage of transformation. From the molten depths of the crucible to the luminous glow of the finished piece, brass serves as a metaphor for the alchemist’s quest for enlightenment.

Mythos: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Universe

One of the standout pieces in the Alchemist collection is the Mythos pendant light. Inspired by the celestial realms and the mysteries of the cosmos, Mythos transports viewers to a realm of wonder and awe. Its ethereal glow and intricate detailing evoke the timeless beauty of the night sky, inviting viewers to contemplate the vastness of the universe and their place within it.

Solstice: Embracing the Cycle of Renewal

Another striking piece in the collection is Solstice—a chandelier that celebrates the cyclical nature of existence. With its interlocking volumes and geometric forms, Solstice embodies the eternal dance of light and shadow, life and death. Like the changing of the seasons, it reminds us of the constant flux of the natural world and the potential for rebirth and renewal.

Gemini: The Duality of Existence

Named after the celestial twins of Greek mythology, Gemini explores the duality of existence—the interplay between light and dark, yin and yang. With its mirrored surfaces and symmetrical design, Gemini invites viewers to reflect on the dualities within themselves and the world around them. It serves as a reminder that balance is key to harmony and wholeness.

A Journey Through Light and Shadow

As visitors explore the Alchemist collection, they are transported on a journey through light and shadow, beauty and meaning. Each piece tells a story—a story of transformation, transcendence, and the eternal quest for truth. Through its evocative designs and thought-provoking symbolism, the collection challenges viewers to look beyond the surface and discover the hidden depths within.

A Transformative Experience: The Display at Lee Broom’s Tribeca Penthouse

For its debut in the US, the Alchemist collection was showcased in Broom’s personal Tribeca penthouse—a space transformed into a mystical oasis of light and shadow. Adorned with mauve curtains and drapery reminiscent of Bedouin tents, the penthouse provided the perfect backdrop for Broom’s luminary creations.

Immersed in the Alchemical Journey

As visitors explored the penthouse, they were immersed in a world of enchantment and wonder, where every corner revealed new delights and surprises. Tables adorned with books, candles, and antique globes added to the ambiance, creating a sense of warmth and hospitality. It was a space where the mundane and the magical coexisted—a space where dreams were made manifest.

A Testament to Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Alchemist collection is also a testament to Broom’s commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. Produced at his London factory, the pieces are a testament to the enduring legacy of British design and manufacturing. Moreover, by incorporating recycled materials and sustainable practices, Broom is paving the way for a more eco-conscious approach to design.

Conclusion: Illuminating the Path Forward

In a world where beauty often takes precedence over meaning, Lee Broom’s Alchemist collection serves as a beacon of hope—a reminder of the power of creativity and imagination to inspire change. Through its fusion of craftsmanship, storytelling, and sustainability, it offers a glimpse into a brighter, more enlightened future—one where beauty and purpose go hand in hand. As Broom continues to push the boundaries of design, he reminds us that true innovation lies not just in the pursuit of novelty, but in the quest for meaning and connection. With the Alchemist collection, he invites us to embark on a journey of discovery—a journey that promises to illuminate our minds and spirits alike.

Photography: Julia Chesky


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