mBlack: Eco-Friendly Material Composed of Renewable Resources

Monthly, roughly 150 tonnes of wood scraps are created as a by-product of CNC milling operations in the manufacturing processes. The company has ingeniously put this secondary waste material to use for its heating systems for years. With the skill of several branches of the business, novel strategies for utilizing and harvesting this secondary material have been explored and resulted in the production of mBlack, a 100% natural compound.

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The source and characteristics of mBlack

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The Minelli Materials division recently came to be with the concept of crafting a selection of unique, eco-friendly materials based on or deriving from wood. Their mBlack collection is a line of combinations formed with a polymeric matrix and biochar.

The thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis) of wood waste produced by the company is yielding this biochar, and is assisting in the control of waste creation. Biochar in these custom-made polymeric compounds and functions as a carbon sink, possessing a large amount of carbon from plant material, which was assimilated from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.

The Minelli Group, a corporation, is the copyright holder of the material.

Areas of Use

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For the purpose of reaching the cosmetic packaging market, Minelli’s mBlack has been utilized in the design of refillable jars, lipstick containers, and compacts, in combination with other sustainable materials like wood and cork. This has resulted in a reduction of the large amounts of black, non-renewable plastic pieces.

For Minelli Systems’ brand mPackting, the customization of mBlack compounds can be altered to meet the needs of clients in various industries. Ranging from cosmetics and luxury goods to consumer products in both small and large scales. As part of this commitment to sustainable manufacturing, mPackting has committed to a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to reduce emissions and resource consumption. Therefore, ensuring that the environmental impact of mBlack is minimized throughout its lifecycle.

Moreover, The Minelli Group is a copyright holder.

The mBlack product range has been tried and tested and is available in various shapes and colors. Moreover, including cylinders, cones, curves and sinusoids. Minelli Systems are specialists in innovation and can provide tailored projects and solutions, from formulation to scale. Therefore, making them a benchmark for successful product design.

Replenishing the earth with essential nutrients

The proportion of biochar in each compound can range from a scant 2% to a substantial 30%. A new development includes a set of biocompounds made up of a blend of PLA, PHB and PHA. Therefore, creating completely biodegradable materials for compostable packaging.

Furthermore, we are testing mBlack to ensure safety, thus replenishing the soil and promoting healthier ecosystems. It is also essential to note that mBlack is plants and, when it reaches the end of its life, it will not create nor disperse microplastics.

The Minelli Group is a company that holds a copyright.

Material innovation is at the vanguard

Through the years, the proficiency gained in the fabrication of singular wooden elements encompass the capacity to manipulate an array of materials and techniques to provide multi-part final products to many patrons in distinct industries, such as that of cosmetic packaging.

mPackting is leading the way in environmentally-friendly beauty packaging with its 100% biobased material, mBlack. This material is using only renewable resources. Therefore, moving away from the reliance on fossil fuels and helping to create a more sustainable future. It is this biobased nature that makes mPackting an ideal choice for those looking for eco-friendly alternatives.


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