Meet Your New Best Friend, Sydra!

Sydra, is a very unique architectural design that combines two items that we all need on a daily basis, a clock and a calendar. It is a smart invention which promises to make your life a lot easier by consolidating your time and daily events in just one useful interface that you can simply hang on any wall in your house or office. Sydra is for everyone, students, employees, parents, etc.; whatever it is that you do, you can definitely find Sydra helpful.

It is incredible to witness how the face of time has changed over the years, starting from sundials, moondials, obelisks, water clocks, hour glasses, clock towers, and even grandfather clocks, all the way to smart watches, and now here we are with a new method, Sydra. We all have seen these improvements and how technology is really changing everything around us.

When it comes to designing clocks, the main aim is always to make time easier to manage; and that is exactly what Industrial Craft was planning on doing when designing Sydra.

Sydra is a twelve-hour wall-clock and calendar that helps make your day a lot more productive and less stressful. The main inspiration for Sydra’s name is the most accurate timekeeping device in the entire world, the clepsydra, which is also known as the water clock. Meaning it gradually measures time using the flow of water.

This unique item has an inspiration of nature. Sydra looks like an ocean with its dark blue design. It also washes away the daily events once they pass and brings up new ones once the day is over (i.e., at 12pm). Sydra replaces basic clocks, alarms, planners, and calendars. Also, you can easliy connect Sydra to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth; that way you can make immediate updates to the schedule.

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