Mercure Szklarska Poreba Hotel

Situated in the valley of the Kamienna River and on the slopes of the
Karkonosze Mountains, Szklarska Poręba is one of the most popular places for
relaxation – not only for holidays. This well-known mountain resort, with its
distinctive architecture, bustles with life all year round. It's also where the 4-
star Mercure Szklarska Poręba hotel was built, with interiors designed by the
Warsaw-based architecture studio Tremend.
Located in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains, this hotel combines traditional
local architecture reminiscent of 19th-century buildings and modern yet cozy
interiors, all spiced up with a relaxing spa area. One of the hotel's buildings was the
former Szarotka Holiday House, which has been completely restored and
modernized. It now offers 23 luxurious suites with kitchenettes. While designing the
hotel's interiors, Tremend Studio architects were inspired by the surroundings,
creating individual storytelling of the place.
" As with every project, we also tried to create interiors that tell the story of the hotel's
location. The theme for the design of the common areas and rooms at Mercure
Szklarska Poręba was the local glassworks, quarries, mountains, and beautiful
landscapes that surround the property," said Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, architect,
and co-owner at Tremend.
Colors of the earth
Surrounded by greenery, the hotel invites you to come inside, where guests can feel
the spirit of the mountains just from the doorstep. The variety of materials, patterns,
and textures refer to the surrounding landscapes. The stone reception desks refer to
the mountainous environment and the rocky slopes of Szrenica. The warm, natural
colors of the earth have been contrasted with muted orange and navy blue. The
architects were inspired by the colors of the stones, clay, and the stream flowing
The glass spherical lamps featured all around the hotel are a nod to the local
glassworks, which still boast a handmade process. The decorations are dominated
by glass vases and plates, sugar bowls highlighting the importance of local products.
In the hotel's lobby, the walls are also stunning. They refer to the shimmering various
colors of minerals extracted from local quarries. The sunlight coming through the
window further illuminates them, giving an amazing impression of depth. While
relaxing on comfortable armchairs, guests can enjoy peace and harmony, thanks to
the perfect combination of different materials and textures inspired by nature.
The warm tones, wood, and stone used in the lobby flow seamlessly into the interior
of the Bergo restaurant, which treats guests to delicious regional cuisine with a
modern twist.
Oasis of peace
The Mercure Szklarska Poręba Hotel has 140 rooms, including 24 unique and
spacious suites with a kitchenette. The architects of the Tremend studio designed
them in the same style as the common parts of the hotel. Here we can find continuity
and references to the surrounding nature and landscapes.
Relaxing in nature
Mercure Szklarska Poręba is a unique place to relax. It also houses the Berga SPA &
Wellness, a place where guests can take care of the well-being of the body and
mind. While designing this space, Tremend architects also drew inspiration from the
surroundings. They transferred the strength of the mountains, the power of the forest,
and the force of the brisk stream in the materials used for the finishing touches. This
resulted in a place where visitors can relax in nature with an outdoor pool, and
Mercure Szklarska Poreba hotel

Mercure Szklarska Poreba hotel
Mercure Szklarska Poreba hotel
Mercure Szklarska Poreba hotel

indulge in
therapeutic and relaxing massages, and beautifying treatments. The surrounding

The forest is a great place to find equilibrium and to receive positive energy from Mother Nature.

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