The Metropolis tile collection by Italian brand Casalgrande Padana offers a sophisticated solution for creating continuous surfaces that mimic the raw, industrial look of concrete. This collection captures the essence of concrete with lightly mottled surfaces and perfectly square edges, enabling a near-seamless appearance across various applications.

Shades and Textures

Available in eight shades of white, grey, and beige, the Metropolis tiles bring subtle textural variations reminiscent of concrete slabs. This range provides the aesthetic versatility to suit both minimalist and industrial design themes, making it ideal for contemporary interior and exterior spaces.

Seamless Integration

The tiles’ perfectly square edges facilitate minimal joins, enhancing the visual continuity across walls, floors, and other surfaces. This design approach allows for a fluid transition between different areas, creating a cohesive look that emphasizes the raw beauty of concrete.

Versatile Applications

While concrete has traditionally been used as a structural material, it is increasingly recognized for its decorative potential. The Metropolis collection extends the concrete look beyond walls and floors to shelves, worktops, and tables, allowing for a uniform aesthetic throughout a space.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The collection offers tiles in eight sizes and four thicknesses, catering to diverse design needs. For indoor applications, the tiles come with a natural finish, while the outdoor variations feature a non-slip surface, ensuring safety without compromising on style.

Decorative Options

For added visual interest, the Metropolis collection includes decorative tiles with square or rectangular mosaics. These options provide designers with the flexibility to introduce pattern and texture into their projects, enhancing the overall design narrative.

Key Features

  • Shades: Eight variations in white, grey, and beige.
  • Edges: Perfectly square for minimal joins and visual continuity.
  • Sizes and Thicknesses: Available in a versatile range for different applications.
  • Finishes: Natural for indoor, non-slip for outdoor use.
  • Decorative Tiles: Optional mosaics in square or rectangular patterns.

The Metropolis tile collection offers a refined way to incorporate the rugged charm of concrete into modern design, delivering both aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

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