The year 2020, thanks to the sudden uprise of Covid 19, delivered to surface numerous issues with our current living paradigm, hinting at a requirement for alteration and amendment. Even after the passing of an entire year and therefore the introduction of a required vaccine, the anomaly of our condition is clear and a symbol that adjustment and re-organisation is that the only way forward. due to the relevance of this scenario, Design x Design in association with Ant Studio, has launched a world Online Design Competition entitled ‘Mobitecture – habitat on the move’.

An initiative dedicated towards collaborating with various creative communities in India, Design x Design is additionally responsible in raising awareness on various relevant issues. they need always been instrumental in harnessing a holistic platform for the amalgamation of all design formats, for the greater good. Thus, the first aim behind this endeavour of Design x Design is to encourage architects, students, professional designers and every one creative thinkers globally; to place their innovative acumens at a test and concoct a layout which functions as a primary step towards building our utopian world. “Humans are nomadic by instinct. within the broader evolution of humankind through time, the notion of settling right down to make home and hearth, is comparatively a recent phenomenon which has created more problems than solved for the species. Designing a mobile habitat or a habitat on the move is an avante-garde thanks to allow individuals of all professions to explore the built environment of the future”, states Iftikar Mulk Chishti – Principal of Studio IF and Convenor of Design x Design.

Along with proposing deployable residential modules, the brief of this International competition also entails a facet of sustainability. The designed entries must cater to the immediate requisites of the environment, thus imbibing an eco-friendly approach. “To sleep in harmony with other sorts of life on earth; and with nature as an entire should have come naturally to us, but that has not been the case”, states the Principal Architect of Ant Studio – Ar. Monish Siripurapu. Popularly known for designing projects which target to influence ‘greener’ lifestyles, Ant Studio also advocates the merge of technological advancements with sustainable solutions – to make germane built concepts. Explaining the need of making ‘greener’ built structures for the competition and therefore the world at large, Ar. Monish further elucidates, “Due to the over exploitation of resources and other toxic practices, we are at the brink of the topple. it’s about time that we save this benediction called Earth; and conceive perspectives that are fresh yet suits current contemporary obligations.”

Launched on 1st January 2021, the registrations are now declared open for participants. the first bird registrations will remain open till March 14th, while the quality registrations are going to be accepted till the 30th of April. A final round lately registrations are going to be operable till 31st of May, with June 01 marking the last date for submitting all entries by participants. Individuals from all across the world; regardless of their gender, creed, nationality or profession may participate – singularly or in groups of three. the planning brief, regulations and terms & conditions are available at their website, in downloadable pdf formats. The esteemed panel of Jury, housing noted designers from everywhere the planet , has been released on their website including James Law (James Law Cybertecture), Janet Salem (UNEP), Alireza Taghaboni (Studio Next), Iftikar Mulk Chishti (Studio IF) and Monish Siripurapu (Ant Studio). Additionally, the fee structure for registration and therefore the schedule, has already been shared and is as follows:

Early Registration – January 15 to March, 14, 2021

Indian nationals: 1,000 INR/Team

Foreign nationals: 50 EUR/Team

Standard Registration – March 15, to April 30, 2021

Indian nationals: 1,500 INR/Team

Foreign nationals: 75 EUR/Team

Late Registration – May 01 to May 31, 2021

Indian nationals: 2,000 INR/Team

Foreign nationals: 100 EUR/Team

Submission  – June 01, 2021

Result – June 25, 2021

Exhibition*- To be announced

*Subject to relief in Covid-19 restrictions.

The Winner will be awarded with a cash prize amounting to 1,00,000 INR, followed by 60,000 INR for the First Runner Up and 40,000 INR for the Second Runner Up. All the above awards will be accompanied with a certificate from Design x Design and Ant Studio. Apart from this, the work of seven honourable will be published on the official website of Design x Design and awarded with certificates.

With the world re-thinking its ways in terms of its daily displacements and familiar habits, maybe it time we re-format our homes too and be a part of more sensitive and interactive built environments.

For more information, you can visit their Website ( or mail your queries at

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