Modern house in Japan is all about privacy—and a car

Modern house in Japan is all about privacy—and a car | المنازل الحديثة في اليابان: الخصوصية والسيارات

This cube of a home is part futuristic abode, part showcase for a car. Fujiwaramuro Architects designed the gleaming white house for a family in Takamatsu, Japan, who wanted their residence to prioritize privacy.

The 1,400-square-foot home stretches the entire plot, creating a monolithic fortress set apart from its neighbors. Inside, rooms placed in the four corners surround a main kitchen and living room area with a soaring ceiling. The central space features a glass wall connected to the garage, granting unobstructed views of the family’s white car.

Monochromatic interiors up the drama a couple of notches with hard edges and sleek black and white furnishings. Meanwhile, to ensure maximum privacy, the house avoids big windows in favor of slivers of glass that wrap the home in a soft glow from above.

Modern living room with glass wall that looks onto garage.
© Katsuya. Taira
Modern living room with stark white walls and black furniture.
© Katsuya. Taira
White monochromatic bathroom with double sink.
© Katsuya. Taira

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