In the heart of Riyadh, a futuristic architectural marvel is poised to emerge, blending audacious design with the promise of a new urban lifestyle. The New Square project, with its emblematic Mukaab “Cube”, stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision towards a modern urban metamorphosis. The endeavor spearheaded by the designated CEO of the New Square Development Company, marks the dawn of an architectural saga set to commence in 2025 and reach its zenith by 2030.

Did you know? The volume of the Mukaab is a staggering 64 million cubic meters, equivalent to 64 million tons of water, or 3.2 million 20-ton water tankers, which equals 64 billion liters of water! The behemoth structure, spanning 400 meters in length, width, and height, is not merely an architectural icon but a symbol of monumental aspirations.


The ground works of the project are already under vigorous progression, with excavation activities and foundational work contractors busily laying the groundwork for what’s to come. A new conceptual image of the project showcases the Cube as its quintessential emblem, a symbol that transcends the national frontier to attain global recognition.

The Cube is not just a symbol for the Kingdom; it’s a global landmark embodying a bold architectural narrative. Among the world’s awe-inspiring “city center” projects, the New Square with its Cube stands tall, specifically in the future-centric capital, Riyadh. Some key details about the project include:

  • Commencement of ground works for the New Square project.
  • Initiation of excavation activities for the Cube.
  • Foundation works for the Cube set to kickstart in early 2024, with a comprehensive completion targeted for 2030.
  • Three contracts have been awarded for managing various facets of this mega project, they are:
    • Bechtel: Overseeing civil infrastructure, horizontal construction, and facility management.
    • Turner: Entrusted with the Cube project management.
    • AECOM: Managing construction and vertical assets throughout the project.
اعمال الحفر و البناء ضمن مشروع المربع الجديد بالرياض

The construction within the New Mukaab referred to as “the buildings”, is slated to begin in 2025, with a designated set of buildings for phase one to be completed by 2027. This isn’t merely about constructing a building; it’s about crafting a living, breathing entity. The design encapsulates a colossal cube with dimensions of 400 meters on each side, resonating with grandiosity. The site is also envisaged to interact with virtual reality, opening new avenues of experiential urban living.

The Cube in the New Mukaab project embodies a merger of architectural ingenuity with technological avant-garde, promising to redefine Riyadh’s urban fabric. The project’s monumental scale, coupled with its innovative approach towards embracing virtual reality, hints at a futuristic urban realm where architectural and digital realms coalesce. This venture is not just a stride towards modernity but a leap towards envisioning and actualizing a futuristic urban landscape that resonates with global architectural advancements.

The New Square project, with its groundbreaking design and futuristic outlook, stands as a beacon of Saudi Arabia’s modern architectural ambitions. As the world keenly watches, Riyadh is on the verge of etching a monumental narrative in the annals of global architecture.

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