Officina by Bosco Verde

Officina by Bosco Verde

Officina by Bosco Verde

Bosco Verde is a modern two-storey house located in Arezzo, Italy, designed in 2021 by Officina | my house.
Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتير - 1

Officina by Bosco Verde

Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتير - 2

Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتير - 3

Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتير - 4

Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتير - 5
Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتير - 8

Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتاري - 9

Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتير - 10

Bosco Verde من Officina | أبيتاري - 11


The complete renovation of this country residence near Arezzo to Officina Abitare was undertaken by a family living abroad, with the aim of creating a place to meet for themselves and welcome friends. The project had two main goals: a complete revision of the distribution of the interior spaces and a reconnection of the interiors with the surrounding landscape. In fact, the house had little to do with the large terraced garden, and the interior spaces were dark and fragmented into small rooms that were not connected to each other. On the western front, two large French windows open opening the interior to natural light and landscape, providing a view of Arezzo and Pratomagno. While regarding the distribution of the environments, a large open space has been designed with two focal points: the large kitchen with island and fireplace on the other side, which divides the living room into two areas, one of which is dedicated to the TV space and the other is brighter and open directly onto the garden, for reading and communal living. In the central part of the space, instead of the old entrance, was placed the dining area, enclosed in walls defining the service block. On the other hand, the service block was placed upstream and completely reorganized to make it more efficient. The openings to the stairs and to the bathroom are interpreted as large gates and are highlighted by the use of wood and green. Instead, the other rooms of the laundry room, garage, and storage room are hidden by flush doors. The internal staircase leading to the sleeping area on the first floor has been redesigned and covered in wood, creating continuity with the floor on the second floor. The basement has been restored and used as a service space. On the first floor there is a girls’ room (with a bunk bed that allows you to leave a lot of space for playing, as well as for hosting friends, and on the other side of the room, inside a niche, a large wardrobe also painted blue), a guest room (located on the other side of the house from a room The master bedroom is characterized by the blue color of the bathroom, as it is called by the furniture details in the rooms) a bar space, a library, a large bathroom and a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom (marked in light green. In the bathroom, the tiles are placed behind only the sanitary ware creating a contrast with the white walls and black taps. Overhead LED lights illuminate the shower and mirror).
Photography courtesy of Officina | my house

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