Open Call: Competition for Conceptual Urban and Architectural Design for the Development of the Morača Riverfornt in Podgorica

Capital city Podgorica has launched a world competition to get the simplest conceptual urban and architectural design for the Morača riverbed and banks. Designs should aim to determine a replacement connection between the town and therefore the river within the absolute best way and to supply a replacement unique space for leisure and recreation for the advantage of inhabitants and visitors of Podgorica.

Participants within the Competition are expected to supply a design solution which will lay the foundations for a replacement , more interactive relationship between the town and therefore the refore the river while respecting both the built structures and the specific morphological features of the location . additionally to achieving high urban values and attractive design, it’s necessary to supply access to the river for a good sort of user groups. so as to actively use the space and promote social connectedness, the project area should be enriched with new adequate content, which can encourage inhabitants and visitors of Podgorica to enjoy longer by the river.

The solution should presuppose a way of comfort and safety, also as be in line with the principles of sustainability, during construction also as during utilisation.

Interventions got to be planned so on aim at enhancing the standard of the space and exploiting all its potentials, giving the priority to realistic and sustainable solutions.

Particular attention must be paid to connecting the river banks with the park areas within the immediate vicinity, the bridges and, ultimately, with the urban fabric.

The participants within the competition are liberal to propose the event of both river banks, just one bank and both banks alternately, supported the conducted analyses of the prevailing and newly designed content.

When developing the planning , additionally to the prevailing facilities, it’s necessary to analyse vehicular, pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the contact areas, so as to adequately position the access points to the promenade for all user groups.

The conceptual design should consider the likelihood of constructing bicycle paths with accompanying facilities.

It is necessary to completely preserve the prevailing greenery, envisage the revitalisation of the prevailing degraded areas and repurpose them. When designing the green corridor along the promenade, lookout to attach the linear greenspace with the prevailing and newly designed green areas. When choosing adequate species, all the compositional elements must be taken into consideration (stylistic harmonisation of the landscape with the encompassing architectural structures, harmonisation of the arrangement and composition of greenery with the organisation of undisturbed movement of pedestrians …).

The conceptual design should also include elements of urban furniture (public lighting, benches, green planters, waste bins, signposts, signage, interactive whiteboards, temporary structures, etc.). the planning of the weather of urban furniture should be functional, uniform and recognisable within the modern architectural expression.
Urban furniture should enable rational, innovative, functional and dynamic use of public space, with particular emphasis on the need for transformation so on enable various cultural and social events.

The design of the space usage will identify places for stopping and resting, so it might be desirable to think about options of covering and marking these locations.

When developing the planning , safety of the space usage should even be taken into consideration, which suggests adequate lighting, favourable location of bicycle parking and solutions for tactile paving for special groups of users.

Competition for conceptual architectural design is international, general, one-phased and anonymous.

The Competition is open for all individuals and corporations that meet the conditions defined by the Competition Announcement and therefore the Terms of Reference.

Persons who are directly engaged in preparation and conducting of Competition and their closest relatives, persons employed with the Competition Announcer and persons who terminated the utilization at the Competition Announcer within the amount of two years upon the termination of employment, also as persons who are the closest relatives and/or associates working closely with the jury members, might not participate within the Competition.

Mandatory conditions for participation within the Competition are as follows:
– Submitted design must include all graphic and textual components, also as other data required by the Competition Announcement;
– Conceptual design must be submitted in timely manner and during a way defined by the Competition Announcement.

Each competition participant, either an individual or a team, has the right to submit only one competition project.

Members of the Competition jury are as follows:

  • Jason Long – OMA New York
  • Branislav Redžić – arcvs
  • Slobodan Radoman – RADDAR
  • Filip Aleksić, chief architect, Capital city Podgorica
  • Darko Novaković, engineer of hydrology.

Gross prize fund amounts to 55.000,00€.
The jury shall award the first, second and third prize and two redemptions in following amounts:

  • First prize – 30.000,00€
  • Second prize – 15.000,00€
  • Third prize – 7.000,00€
  • Two redemptions each 1.500,00€

The deadline for submitting the conceptual design is December 14th, 2020.

Competition designs are to be delivered at the Archive of the Capital city Podgorica, no later than and including December 14th 2020 by 4 pm. If designs are to be delivered by post, postal note with the date of confirmation on the receipt shall be valid.

The Announcer announces and conducts the Competition in Montenegrin and English language.

Due to the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Montenegro and Europe, we are informing all of the potential participants interested in the Competition for the conceptual urban and architectural design for the development of the Morača riverfront in Podgorica that the submission procedure has been changed. Thus, the submission via post office is no longer available, while the e-submission procedure is as follows:

The Designs shall be emailed in .pdf format to the following email address: no later than midnight (UTC+1) on Monday December 14th. It is obligatory to use an email address created solely for the purpose of submitting design which shall consist of:

  1. moraca,
  2. underscore ( _ ),
  3. author’s code and
  4. wide used domains.


Please be aware that attachments to your email must not exceed 5MB. If they do, we recommend using WeTransfer link or equivalent. The application package must consist of three separate folders with pdf files: one for A3 booklet, one for A0 panels and one containing information about author(s). Competition rapporteurs will review the application package and store the folder with information about authors separately, until the publication of Jury’s ranking list and Decision on the winner.

 Competitors will receive an email confirming that their application has been received. Please note: competitors are responsible for the safe and timely delivery of their submissions. Capital city Podgorica cannot be held accountable for undelivered entries.

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