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Reimagining famous landmarks of biophilic design

Reimagining famous landmarks of biophilic design, Biophilic design is based on integrating nature and its elements into the interior and exterior construction of urban areas, creating a permanent link between architectural projects and nature. This connection, in turn, leads to the maintenance of the necessary link between man and his natural environment, and his innate […]

IDAR Architects wins a competition to design a multi-purpose hall in schools

IDAR Architects wins a competition to design a multi-purpose hall in schools, Designing multi-purpose halls is a small and cumbersome business, and large offices did not want to rush into such work. IDAR Architects provided this interesting task as the multi-purpose Eonbuk Middle School Hall achieved a sophisticated style and degree of perfection that transcends […]

Architecture Challenge Realistic Constraints

Architecture Challenge Realistic Constraints, On the western border of Seoul is the area around Nepalsan-dong, which is a popular landscape for old-fashioned urban dwellings. In this area, the land is divided to create a “suitable residential environment” to be a general residential area, so that the house on the south side is prevented from trespassing […]

Seoul Foreign Middle School Library Designed by Ennead Architects

Seoul Foreign Middle School Library Designed by Ennead Architects, The Seoul Foreign School campus is located on a hill overlooking Yeonhui-dong, a place from which to witness a new trend in education. Where ancient and modern buildings with a gap of 40 years in one place, show the flow of the times like antique materials. […]

Reimagine Drawing Challenge

where we can go

Reimagine Drawing Challenge, Mental Canvas Inc.’s platform brings back the Specializing in software technology, drawing envisions the digital age by enabling innovations that can be experienced beyond the confines of a page or a single moment in time. Mental Canvas goes where pen and paper has left, and takes drawing to a place like never […]


Opengap invites participants to face the planning of an urban housing or mixed-use tower. to figure on avant-garde, innovative and visionary proposals promoting new ideas on the way to better manage the growing density of cities with designs that contribute to communities and permit a self-sufficient future. Each participant or team will define the situation […]

Concrete in Architecture

Concrete in architecture is an architecture competition organized by archiol in association with artuminate. Concrete is a crucial material within the field of architecture and construction. what’s the past, present, and way forward for concrete as a artifact utilized in architectural construction? The competition, Concrete in Architecture is trying to find a graphical representation and […]

A new ListLab! – Open Call for publishing projects within the context of the forthcoming books series’ M120 – Meridiano 120,’ ‘Enter Anthropocene,’ and ‘The Digital Affairs’ by ListLab publisher

ListLab publisher (www.listlab.eu) was established in 2007 and elaborated on the thought of a world editorial laboratory with a multidisciplinary approach to the humanities and style . During the last decade, ListLab published quite 150 titles and printed over 60,000 copies, mostly that specialize in disseminating new researches and knowledge. because of the 2 main […]

Right Live Stock – Re-thinking for animal farms for a sustainable world

Premise  With a growing population, the consumption and recognition of meat and dairy products are skyrocketing. tons of ethnic origins advocated for a balanced plant origin and animal origin diet – or a minimum of constraints to balancing both. But as we urbanize more, meat and dairy consumption globally has grown 400% within the last […]

Brewed-Bali – Beach themed café design challenge

Premise  Coffee plants grew within the wilderness in Ethiopia and were employed by nomadic tribes for thousands of years, only until the 1400s when people found out that they might roast their seeds. By the 1500s, the drink had spread to coffee houses across the Arab world. Coffee houses first appeared in Turkey, Syria, and […]