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The Fink side table is the definition of flat packing

The Fink side table is the definition of flat packing طاولة Fink الجانبية هي تعريف التعبئة المسطحة

With the intention of transforming the flat-pack furniture industry from disposable to durable, the Brooklyn based studio Fink Furniture developed the Fink side table.Furniture was never meant to be “fast”.Most flat pack furniture is only portable once in its life.Once assembled, its quality quickly degrades.It rarely survives moves, and if disassembled, it will never be



With PINION PROJECT, created by two Seoul-based design studios, the heavy solidity of concrete blends with slight transparency of the acrylic giving life to a new material, with a strong visual appealing.PINION PROJECT is the result of a collaboration between two Seoul-based design studios, HATTERN and LAB.CRETE, who worked together to mix their knowledge on

Krill Design on how to build a circular company

Krill Design on how to build a circular company تصميم Krill حول كيفية بناء شركة دائرية

On its web site, Krill Design informs about its dedication to “the development of new design products within a 100% circular and sustainable process”. And boosts a Best Performer Award for circular economy services and a recognition by the World Economic Forum as an example of sustainability. Add to this a surprisingly good revenue (320K euro

Perspectives by Ferruccio Laviani for Lea Ceramiche

Perspectives وجهات نظر

On the occasion of Design Week 2022, Lea Ceramiche invites the public to discover one of the most fascinating and secret views of Milan, through an installation – Perspectives – capable of enhancing its paths and perspectives, curated by the Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani.Along the walkways of this green space, Laviani imagined a path in

Controlled Burn: The DNA of Fire

Controlled Burn: The DNA of Fire

Controlled Burned by Israel-based designer, Shira Horenstien, explores the relationship between humans and natural elements by using fire as the means as well as the outcome.Designed by Shira Horesnstien, Controlled Burn deals with taming and domestication of fire in the indoor environment. The project’s final product is a ceramic object that serves as a magnetic

Accent Light is a minimalistic light fabricated from a paper

Accent Light

With a clear focus on perspectives, symmetries and a strong sense of colors – Zürich-based Fritz Jakob Gräber designs an eye-catching ‘Accent Light’.© FritzjakobApproaching each project from a diverse point of view – this Swiss designer with his wide experience in a mélange of crafts develops an eclectic range of products, furniture and lighting.“In my

Espina Pendant light: good for the environment

Sustainable design comes in many shapes and sizes. Here, architect and furniture designer Guillermo Cameron Mac Lean looks to the concertina shape of musical instruments to create the Espina Pendant lamp, a collapsible pendant light for Spanish brand Estepa.Designed to take up as little space as possible, not only does the Espina Pendant reduce the

Conic is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor environments

Conic is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor environments يعتبر المخروط مثاليًا للبيئات الداخلية والخارجية

With the aim of providing colorful excitement to life in the city center, Korea-based Youngseok Han skillfully crafts ‘Conic’ – a flashlight in an iconic aluminum sculpture featuring design and usability perfectly ideal for indoor as well as outdoor environments. With the busy schedules of people today – recent trends such as car camping have been

3D-Printed Furniture by Johannes Steinbauer

3D-Printed Furniture by Johannes Steinbauer أثاث مطبوع ثلاثي الأبعاد من تصميم يوهانس شتاينباور

Download our DWalking guide (pdf, mobile-friendly) with all the info for visiting.OECHSLER’s innovative manufacturing technique for seating furniture, designed by the German designer Johannes Steinbauer Office for Design, defines an unprecedented approach to cushioning, providing design flexibility and hybrid features in one print.With the help of additive manufacturing (3D printing), fabrics, springs, and foam layers can

Tekron is a unique folding chair

Tekron is a unique folding chair Tekron هو كرسي فريد قابل للطي

Inspired and fascinated by metal furniture and the brilliant amalgamation of modern industrial looks and traditional craftsmanship – Korea-based Acasso, founded by industrial designer Jake Lee skillfully fabricates ‘Tekron’, an extraordinary aluminum Folding Chair.With a shared goal – Acasso is a team of designers and engineers working together in an open environment with strong leadership