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Single seating system, multiple configurations – meet 5052

With a keen eye for customization, Montreal-based Industrial Designer Andrew Ferrier crafts 5052 – an [...]

Birch Selsdon hotel takes over 19th-century mansion in Croydon

British hotel chain Birch has opened an outpost in south London, with grounds rewilded by [...]

Picture This – Dutch Design Week unveiled the theme of DDW23

In a live interview that took place today on Instagram, I engaged in a conversation [...]

Bedtime Stories that rediscover the world of sleep and dreams

Commissioned by Bolzan, conceived and realized by Finemateria – Bedtime Stories, In Girum Imus Nocte [...]

A world where Andrés Reisinger’s and Dior’s dream-like visions become one

Visual designStep inside this pink-hued, metaphysical architectural space made of enchanting virtual bloomsInspired by Gris [...]

Vita Gessi™ stands out for its innovative multifunctional program

Home appliancesGESSI, the renowned Italian manufacturer of luxurious bath and kitchen fixtures such as faucets, [...]

Civitas bookcase: a modular interlocking system enabling various configurations

Civitas bookcase‘s components are easily disassembled, disposable, and recyclable. Aluminum, renowned for its lightweight nature, [...]

Furniture crafted to enhance productivity, relaxation, and social interaction

Furniture designInfiniti, a young Italian brand founded in 2008, embodies a philosophy rooted in creativity, [...]

At Delo’s new showroom, a variety of signature products are on display

Furniture designDesign brand Delo has recently expanded to a larger showroom located on 21 Mayakovskogo [...]

Sukchulmok adds curved brick forms to rooftop of Parconido Bakery Cafe

Curved forms and arched openings feature in this cafe, which Seoul studio Sukchulmok has added [...]