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Introspective House

Introspective House is the private residence is at the 50-acre site in the Moscow region, [...]

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Innovations in interior design: modernize your living space

A well-designed home greatly impacts our mood, productivity, and overall well-being. Incorporating modern design ideas [...]

Yotel New York State-of-the-art hotel design

Yotel New York State-of-the-art hotel design, Inside the groundbreaking Yotel New York hotel that opened [...]

Moganshan Mountaintop Young Architectural Design Award

Moganshan Mountaintop Young Architectural Design Award Registration Method:1. Click the competition page of the Moganshan [...]

Spinni is a Classic Drafting Stool With a Twist

Spin around in Division Twelve’s innovative bent-metal swivel chair, Spinni. Thought up by Thom Fougere, [...]

MOTION ZERO introduces a new dimension in meditation design

Beyond its decorative potential, MOTION ZERO is a crafted functional tool to enhance meditation. At [...]

Lino Undercover: the concealed side of linoleum

At Dutch Design Week 2023, Tarkett and Studio RENS showcased the results of their experiments [...]

Design Skill Awards 2023 open call

The Design Skill Magazine is proud to launch the inaugural Design Skill Awards 2023, a [...]

Spooky Castle Series: everyday items with a whimsical charm

Galapagos, combining practical product design with the charm of fantasies, recently presented their Spooky Castle [...]

Lundhs Real Stone: Nature’s Elegance

Line Moller Maersk, product marketing manager at Lundhs, the Larvik, Norway-based natural stone producer, states [...]

What Keeps Hospitality Spaces Hot? Ask DesignAgency Founders

Since DesignAgency was established 25 years ago, hospitality has always been at the heart of [...]

Design Awards 2023 Winners

Shaw Contract, a global flooring company, revealed the winners of its 2023 Design Awards in [...]

Neom launched a crystalline skyscraper this week

This week on Dezeen, Neom published renderings of a supertall building and a viewpoint made [...]

3 Eco-Friendly Projects by Sustainability Giants in 2023

For today’s designers, sustainable methods are extremely important. Ask the Sustainability Giants of 2023. The [...]

Go Into the Woods With Architect Ignacio de la Vega

Ignacio de la Vega, a Madrid-based architect, created his cantilevered residence to blend in with [...]