Open call: EASA Reality 2021 Workshops

Open call: EASA Reality 2021 Workshops

EASA will take place from 1st to 15th August in Kragujevac, Serbia, on the territory of the abandoned military-industrial complex The Prince’s Arsenal, under the theme of Reality. We hereby invite all potential tutors to register with their workshop. The workshop registration deadline is Tuesday, June 22nd at 23:59h (GMT+2).

WORKSHOP PACK link with details on workshop registration, location, theme Reality and EASA in general:

For any question feel free to contact us on:


What is EASA?

EASA (European Architecture Students’ Assembly) is the largest independent, decentralised and non-profit European network of architecture students and young professionals created to provide a platform for cultural and educational exchange in the field of architecture.

The main event is a two-week gathering held every summer in a different European country. Due to the uncertain nature of the pandemic, EASA will take place on a smaller scale than usual – instead of 500, about 200 students and young professionals from all over Europe will join us in Kragujevac.

EASA workshops

EASA manifests itself mainly through workshops conceptualised in relation to the local context and the main theme of the event – Reality. The workshops define the dynamics of the whole event and provide an opportunity for young architects and students to experiment and test their skills and knowledge on site.

A good workshop inspires participants to reconsider things, challenges their usual ways of thinking and encourages them to act independently. Tutors can be individuals or smaller groups of people; architecture students, architects, as well as individuals from related disciplines.

On Reality

The theme of Reality came as a reaction to a series of paradoxical discrepancies observed between architectural education, practice and thought, as well as in comparison to socioeconomic and ecological phenomena and global tendencies and needs within the European context.

The complexity of demands of our current ecosystems creates a necessity for rethinking our role as architects. This being said, the main goal of the event is raising awareness and understanding about the current order of things, without the desire for quick and hasty solutions and conclusions.

You can find more about the theme Reality in the Workshop Pack, chapter 5 About Reality.


The Prince’s Arsenal is the oldest industrial complex in Serbia, built in 1853 in the immediate center of Kragujevac. The industrial architecture is characterised by red bricks, wooden pillars and stairs, cascading roofs covered with tiles and high chimneys, which form a harmonious whole.

Most of the buildings have been abandoned for a long time. The additional potential of Arsenal reflects in the numerous attempts of local activists to put its facilities in the service of culture. The workshops will be held at various locations within and in the immediate vicinity of the Arsenal.

Support us

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