For Planetary Governance is an open involve papers, projects, and research associated with the topics of planetary governance, and the way they’re now and can still affect urban life, systems, and futures.
This collaboration between The Terraforming and Strelka Mag intends to solicit original and provocative outcomes that engage with the context of a (perhaps as-of-yet non-existent) “governance” in multiple guises—legal, political, cognitive, computational, linguistic, protocological, biological etc.—and, for this and thru it, our capacity for collective autocomposition.
This initiative will feature ideas and projects that are surprising, pragmatic, unconventional, and honest—even if productively controversial. We presume that the work that the majority directly confronts the implications of today is filled with risk.
Submit your proposal through this type by April 10. Selected participants will receive an honorarium of €150 for his or her pieces.
These themes below are prompts, not instructions or strict categories for potential submission. We invite departures from these starting points. The inquires for other geopolities aren’t against governmentality but on behalf of its reimagining, not the top of history but a long-delayed synthetic beginning.

For a deeper dive into the topic, read “‘New World Order’: For Planetary Governance” by The Terraforming Program Director Benjamin Bratton.

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