Overwater Restaurant: A Stingray-Inspired Culinary Oasis

Enchanting Design Amidst the Maldivian Lagoon

Nestled in the azure waters of the Maldives, Overwater Restaurant emerges as a captivating culinary haven, blending Japanese cuisine with an architectural marvel. Crafted by Atelier Nomadic, this restaurant stands elevated on a jetty, adorned with a bamboo canopy inspired by the graceful form of pink whiprays.

Sub-Aquatic Inspiration

Drawing from the Maldives’ vibrant underwater life, Atelier Nomadic sought to embody the sub-aquatic theme in a nuanced architectural form. The undulating roof, resembling the shape of pink whiprays, brings an organic and graceful presence to the open-air dining space.

Bamboo Elegance

A network of tree-like bamboo columns supports the restaurant’s canopy, creating a rhythmic play reminiscent of the gills of a giant manta ray. The bamboo structure not only provides stability but also contributes to the organic and sustainable ethos of the design.

Tail-Like Entrance

The entrance, nestled under the slimmer portion of the roof, symbolizes the tail of a stingray. Beyond the boardwalk, guests are invited into a culinary realm where the transition from exterior to interior echoes the flow and elegance of marine life.

Fish-Scale Aesthetics

The exterior of the bamboo roof is clad in timber shingles, aging gracefully to achieve a grey-silverish patina over time. This aging process, coupled with the layered pattern, imparts a fish-scale appearance, harmonizing the restaurant with its aquatic inspiration.

Culinary Spaces

The restaurant encompasses various zones, including a bar, open-plan dining area, lounge, and outdoor seating. Bamboo-clad volumes house the kitchen and bathrooms, creating a cohesive visual narrative.

Lagoon Panorama

The jetty extends into a casual seating area, where guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the lagoon. A swimming pool and overwater seating areas adorned with white nets complete the sensory experience, offering panoramic views of the surrounding waters.

Bamboo’s Potential

As Atelier One engineer Chris Matthews notes, bamboo’s potential in construction is substantial. Overwater Restaurant stands as a testament to bamboo’s versatility and elegance, seamlessly blending architectural finesse with the natural wonders of the Maldives.


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