Celebrating its 100-year design expertise in cars, products, and architecture, Pininfarina has now set its sights on sports design. By collaborating with ICONIC, its Turin-based studio has developed the Iconic Padel Court – a revolutionary player-focused and environment-friendly playing area that has no equal.

This court offers a personalized user experience and a variety of modified features, ranging from the latest technology – such as motion evaluations for data collection and game improvement – to stylish materials, like fiberglass coating, laminate tempered glass, and faux leather with ground concealment.

It caters to the rules of the International Padel Federation, and can be established with a free-standing. Or fixed base position. Various components create a sophisticated and innovational atmosphere around the court. Such as LED lights, electronic device charging stations, cameras, temperature regulation systems, anti-fog technology, and more. The Iconic Padel Court by Pininfarina is a deluxe item available for pre-purchase with deliveries starting in late 2023.  


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