Prize Designs for Modern Furniture

Architecture Competition: Prize Designs for Modern Furniture

In 1949, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) organized the “Prize Designs for Modern Furniture” to encourage the best of contemporary design by exhibiting the most notable examples in the furniture industry, thereby stimulating production by manufacturers for the mass-produced market. Seven decades later, Global Design News and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design are relaunching this historic event.

Curated by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Prize Designs for Modern Furniture opened in 1950 at MoMA in New York. Furthermore, The idea of the competition was to draw the attention of technicians and designers from all over the world to produce new and fresh ideas leading to the manufacture and wide distribution of a new type of furniture for today’s new homes.

The Program 2024

For 2023, Prize Designs for Modern Furniture + Lighting presents a unique opportunity to present new furniture, lighting, and materials to the world’s architects, corporate end-users, furniture specifiers, and the general public. The new, reformatted program showcases the best and the most outstanding new examples of furniture and lighting created by some of the most renowned international designers and architects and produced and marketed by the best and most innovative manufacturers worldwide. Moreover, Thanks to its global reach and highly reputable jury, the winners of the annual Global Design News Prize Designs can be considered as the definitive list of the world’s best furniture, lighting, and fabric/textile products.

Winner’s Pack 2024

  • Winning submissions receive the Prize Design Award Certificates and Prize Design Award Trophy
  • Winning Prize Designs are given a signet (digital) for product communications
  • Exclusive coverage in the online platform Global Design News
  • Global Design News Newsletter of all awarded winners
  • Coverage on the Global Design News social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Winning designs are entered into the Permanent Design Collection of The Chicago Athenaeum
  • Book publication of all award winners in “New Modern Furniture + Lighting“
  • Exhibition of awarded products at Contemporary Space Athens as well as the possibility of traveling inside Europe
  • Winning designers and manufacturers may use the Prize Design Logo for marketing, merchandising, and promotional use through an exclusive license with Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd.


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