PURE DESIGN CONTEST by Wooden Story : Call for Submissions

International contest for design professionals and amateurs, also as students and graduates of art schools. the competition is originated and organised by Wooden Story company, while its first edition takes place in 2021.

The main idea of PURE DESIGN CONTEST by Wooden Story , above all, is to make a chance for designers to enter the planet market – the winning projects are going to be presented at the foremost prestigious furniture fairs within the world.


This year’s contest slogan is “A child’s place publicly space – an inclusive table and chair for learning and playing”. The goal is to style a bit of furniture and/or a group of furniture for youngsters , produced within the spirit of Wooden Story’s ecological philosophy.

The design should reflect a thought for an ingenious and inclusive work space for youngsters , including children with disabilities, whether sensory or motor, or both. It should be a bit of furniture that gives a cushty place both for learning and artistic play.


1st Prize : PLN 10 000 + invitation to Maison & Objet fair in Paris
2nd Prize: PLN 6 000 + project presentation at Formex fair in Stockholm
3rd Prize: PLN 4 000 + project presentation at CIFF fair in Copenhagen

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