Popular Different Types Of Houses In 2022 (with Pictures)

Popular Different Types Of Houses In 2022 (with Pictures)

Who doesn’t love to look at the beautiful pictures of houses? Everyone has a dream to build a dream house that not only fulfills their wishes but also the needs of their family. So, are you also spending time online to find a perfect style or design of a house, but none of the houses meets all your wishes.? Don’t worry; read this blog with having different types of houses. Popular Different Types Of Houses In 2022 (with Pictures)

As there are quite high chances that you don’t know the difference between the style of the house and the type of the house. Yes, both are very different things. Today in this blog, we are going to tell you not only the difference but also provide various designs of houses that will leave you awestruck.

So, whether you’re remodeling your old home or just start constructing a new one, these 21 types of houses will surely give you some ideas. Knowing the style and type of home is a necessary thing before the construction start. According to that, you can tell your architect about the design and layout you want.

This article guides you to the various house styles that will later help you understand the design. You can also mix and match the various styles to achieve a new look. So, let’s start understanding how many categories a house can classify.

Houses can classify into two categories, let’s know about them:

Based on Style

House style, commonly known as an architectural style of the house is a way in which the house is built. There are numerous styles, usually base on some era or geographical location such as Cape Cod, Mediterranean, Georgian, Mid-Century Modern, Ranch, etc.

In this blog, we’re not going to tell you about the various styles of the houses, but the different types of houses. If you’re interested to know about old-style houses like Spanish colonial or French colonial homes, you can read our previous blog on them.

But if you’re curious to know about the numerous types of homes, read further because today we bring a list of 22 different types of houses all around the globe. From igloo houses to modern mansions, there is every type of home on this list, and also you might never hear about some of them.

Based on Structure

Here’s the long list of different types of houses that are not only pretty looking but their architecture also differs from each other.

1. Single-Family (Detached) 

different types of houses

source: beazer.com

Nowadays the most common type of house is the Single-family or detached house. As 70% of Americans live in these kinds of homes, they are quite popular.

2. Multi-Family

different types of houses

Image source: bluespruce-group.com

Whereas, the other type is the multi-family house, in which joint families live together. They are commonly seen in the countryside. They have a larger land area as compared to single-family houses.

3. Apartment

different types of houses

source: flickr.com

A group of housing units in one building is known as a group of apartments. In some cases, all the units are own by one person, and later he rent out each unit to tenants. Nowadays most people live in these apartments as they are cheaper.

4. Cottage

different types of houses

Image source: homedit.com

The “Cottage” word originates from England. A cottage house is commonly refer to as a small house with a high thatched roof, thick walls, and a single room. For more in-depth details and information, read our previous blog on English cottage houses.

5. Split-Level

different types of houses1

source: pinterest.com

A split level or tri-level home is a home where the floor levels are stagger. They have mainly two stairs: one for going upward to the bedroom and the other one is forgoing downward in the basement area.

6. Barn

different types of houses

Image source: homedit.com

This type of house is useful for those people who want to live with their animals. They are simple to construct and give benefits to living in close quarters with animals.

7. Tiny Home

different types of houses

source: foxbusiness.com

Tiny homes have a size from 100 to 400 sq. ft and they can be stationary or mobile. Their layout is efficiently design, and they cost around $10,000 to $100,000 (depending upon the place where you build it).

8. Container Home

different types of houses

Image source: autodesk.com

Container homes are the newest trend. People all around the world love living in these types of homes. You can use one or multiple containers to build your residence, and many companies also offer to design for you.

9. Bungalow

different types of houses

source: oldhouseonline.com

The “bungalow” word is derived from the Indian word “ Bengali house.” It is a small, square, single-story home with a front porch. There is also a single dormer window that is built into the pitch roof in the attic.

10. Tree House

different types of houses

Image source: littleletterslinked.com

Yes, they do exist. Treehouses are built around the tree. If you want to live in fun houses like this, you can build it.

11. Villa

different types of houses

source: houseforhouses.com

A villa is the luxurious version of any house. From large courtyards to private pools, they have hotel-like amenities and also their construction cost is high.

12. In-Law Suite (Aka Basement Suite)

different types of houses

Image source: architectsjournal.co.uk

While there are grand houses like villas and bungalows, there are also small houses known as In-law suites. They’re the basement portion of the house that is given for rent by homeowners to afford the whole house. These basement suites are now seen in every new home. They’re mostly used by single-family or bachelors who are living alone.

13. Floating Home 

different types of houses

source: hiconsumption.com

A floating home or Floating on Water Residence is a residence built on the water surface. These types of houses are mostly seen in cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. They’re part house, part boat!!

14. Yurt


Image source: homestratosphere.com

The Mongols use these kinds of homes in Mongolia. As they can be easily pack and move, they’re ideal for nomadic people. A yurt is a circular-shaped structure which has a waterproof wall and roof. They’ve dimensions of 12 feet typically in diameter (115 sq. ft.) to 30+ feet in diameter (706 sq ft). Like the usual residence, the yurt also has all the amenities.

15. Mansion


source: realestateinbarrington.com

A mansion is a large and impressive dwelling house. The manor comes in the same family, but they’re old. Whereas mansions can be old and new. A mansion is a luxurious house, and there is no legal definition regarding its size. So, now you get the idea of how big it can be!! Generally, those houses are consider to be a mansion that has at least 12,500 square feet in size.

Interestingly, these mansions can be anywhere, and you already know where the Hollywood actors live? They live in these kinds of mansions. If you’re interested to know about the most luxurious modern mansions, read our blog on that.

16. Camper Van

different types of houses

Image source: aworldtotravel.com

Love traveling and roadside trips? If yes, then think about a camper van. It is also sometimes refer to as a camper or a caravanette that is a self-propelled vehicle. It gives you both transport and sleeping facilities. You can drive it to anyplace you want and live in any place in the world!!

17. Igloo

different types of houses

source: turbosquid.com

The structures which are made from ice and snow are known as igloo. They have a circular dome-like shape. These types of buildings are use by people who live in extremely cold regions of the earth. Igloo keeps them warm in the freezing chilly weather conditions.

18. Hut


Image source: jurisuresort.com

A hut is a small home with only one or two rooms. They’re generally made from natural materials like wood, grass, and stones. These were the houses that are being use for many years by our ancestors.

19. Castle or Palace

Castle or Palace

source: christiesrealestate.com

Yes, the designs of the palace or palace were famous constructions in the old times, but even today some people design their houses like a palace. In the early era these were use by kings and queens, and even today they are the residences of the royal families.

20. Mobile Home

Mobile Home

Image source: pinterest.com

A mobile home is also known as a trailer home, house trailer, or residential caravan. It is a prefabricate structure that is first built in a factory and then later is attach to the chassis. They can use as a permanent or vacation or temporary home. They can easily move from one place to another, just like the camper van.

21. Underground House

Underground House

source: homedit.com

For many years underground living was consider as bunkers and dingy basements, but today this is not the scenario. Many modern underground houses are equipped with the latest technology and amenities.

If you don’t believe us, check out these 7 insanely cool underground dwellings.

22. Dome/Round Houses

Popular Different Types Of Houses In 2022 (with Pictures)

Dome/Round Houses

Image source: homestratosphere.com

types of houses

Source: multiscreensite.com

types of houses

Image Source: invisioncic.com

types of houses

Source: vox-cdn.com

types of houses

Image Source: lamudi.com.mx

types of houses

Source: gironacidade.com.br

types of houses

Image Source: stacker.com

Popular Different Types Of Houses In 2022 (with Pictures)

types of houses

Source: inmobiliariaenbogota.com

types of houses

Image Source: ctfassets.net

types of houses

Source: evelinsozzi.it

types of houses

Image Source: homenish.com

Round shape or dome-shaped houses are not that popular, but they are also another unique type of home. This structure can be see on the towers, castles, and palaces.

Are you amaze by the number of types of a house? I know you never thought that there will be 21 various types of buildings. Not only these 21 but there are also many other types of buildings.

If you like this article and want to read more about the architecture of various structures, feel free to visit Architecturesstyle. There you not only find this but also some useful and unique structures from ancient times to the modern ones.


Popular Different Types Of Houses In 2022 (with Pictures)

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