Quechua Competitions has just announced winners of Titicaca Chapel – sacred place, designed for the religion of the planet to be freely expressed. an area which will welcome visitors from everywhere the earth and thru its energy provide an intimate place for reflection and meditation. A multi-cult space that understands the conditions of the location and defines the characteristics of the divine.
1st Prize

Project by: Roberto González, Emilio Padilla
from Mexico


Inspirada en la lírica de Alfredo Silva Estrada la propuesta busca contener el misterio de lo sagrado y permanecer discreta en la colina.

“Pasos para un encuentro en los Andes”


La capilla es una síntesis de “adjetivar” entre lo natural y la ruina, al ocultarle entre el paisaje se pretende  cargar de valor el recorrido previo a descubrirla.


En la cima, un dolmen al filo de la montaña sugiere acercarnos y delatar una escalera que nos incita a “desfilar”…


…altas rocas nos escoltan durante el acto del callar.


2nd Prize

Project by: Maxime Matuszezak, Jules Bergé, Xavier Poulain, Jacob Durand
from Switzerland

On la Isla del sol, birthplace of the sun, a path follows the horizontal lines of the ancestral agricultural terraces. Traced like an ancient Inca road, it serves four pavilions dug in the moun-tain, which together form a chapel. The structure wraps around the topography, in a light mineral trace, rhythmically punctuated by the vertical imprints of the reed formwork. Open to all spir-itualities, religions, beliefs and agnosticisms, this path is both interior and exterior, progressively opening onto the landscape and our inner self.

3rd Prize

Project by: Giovanni Cavaglion, Mingshu Huang
from Italy


The chapel is located along the east coast of the Island of the Sun, taking advantage of a natural inlet. A platform just under the water surface provides a suggestive place of aggregation and view point. Through a cathartic path under the water, two ramps connect the upper part to the underground chapel. The humble and raw interior is dominated by the rocks, the foundation of the Island (Titi-kaka etymologically means “foundation stone”), which represent the focal point of the celebration. A constellation of light wells creates a holy atmosphere, linking the two dimensions. The water, the mountains, the stars, they all symbolize the vast spirituality outside of the material.

Honorable Mention

Project by: Zheng Jiawei, Zhu Lixuan

from Italy


Honorable Mention

Project by: Aitor Echeverría, Juan Anchorena, Ezequiel Campelo
from Argentina


Honorable Mention

Project by: Javier Miranda Espada, Alvaro Taboada Espada
from Italy

architetcure competition

Honorable Mention

Project by: José Francisco Pérez Sánchez, José MaríaZavala Achell, Héctor Alejandro Martínez Mota
from Mexico

architecture competition

Honorable Mention

Project by: Mari Paz Rodriguez, Maria Gracia Borja, Jorge Durán, Francisco Cueva
from Ecuador

architecture competition

Honorable Mention

Project by: Daniel Viteri
from Ecuador

architectural competition

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