Revisiting the Commons with Kofi Boone

Revisiting the Commons with Kofi Boone | إعادة النظر في العناصر المشتركة مع كوفي بون

Architecture Event: Revisiting the Commons with Kofi Boone

In Revisiting the Commons, Kofi Boone presents the idea of “The Commons” and “commoning” as a framework to alter equitable practices in landscape architecture and environmental planning, especially with Black communities. Although not a uniquely Black cultural phenomenon, commoning has been a hallmark of Black landscapes historically including cooperatives and community land trusts to enable labor, land and property rights. Digital versions of commoning emerged during the twin pandemics and helped people remain connected and leverage dispersed resources. Moving forward, a focus in landscape architecture on developing knowledge and tools to enable commoning could increase the equitable impacts of our work. Read more.

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