RIPA a new app for home extensions in England

RIPA a new app for home extensions in England,

A new app to help architects plan home extensions was launched yesterday,

the RIPA app.

It has launched a beta version of the government-backed app,

to reduce invalid planning apps.

Designed by three local councils, the application will speed up and simplify the application process for projects that can use the permitted development path.

Simple home upgrades like kitchen accessories and loft conversions,

don’t need all the planning.

But the development rules allowed by the Ministry of Housing are so complex that people often waste time and money submitting invalid applications.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government hopes to roll out the app to all councils by next summer,

after testing it by Lambeth, Southwark and Buckinghamshire.

Half of the planning applications received by Lambeth Municipality are considered invalid, because people struggle to interpret the complex rules.

RIPA will guide users through simple rules,

based on what they need and where their possessions are,

to determine whether their plans will meet their requirements.


RIPA . Application

The app will use simple language and graphics to help navigate the system,

by asking a series of questions and identifying local and national requirements.

The application can then be used later,

to obtain the certification that users need to show that their plans are eligible for permitted development,

so that they can proceed with the construction work.

Glasgow-based residential developer HOKO hopes to use the app to provide an optimal customer experience.

Because the process of implementing planning in England is incredibly laborious and time-consuming,

as it can cause it to lag nearly a decade behind every other sector in terms of technology and access.

That’s why if a customer wants to move quickly,

the app will help them do so.

Negotiating the planning process is a constant and unavoidable lull,

and inevitable delays are the bane of any project.

The planning process was under great pressure to finish the paper drawings and diagrams.

When 3D images were available, reviewing graphics was considered an outdated method like sending a letter rather than sending an email.

But the RIPA application will give an opportunity to simply upload digital forms for review.

Opinions about the RIPA . app

Alex Depledge welcomed the application, saying that there is a huge variance in what different boards require when it comes to validating plans.

This will make it difficult to get it right all the time and add delays to the planning process.

The application, on the other hand, will allow pre-verification of what is required in a more informed manner,

and digitization of what is currently done in a very manual way.

The app will allow architects to focus on the things that really matter.

The second application will also help BoPS (Back Office Planning System) –

Board Planning Administrators to manage permitted development applications.

This is done by tracking progress and putting the information they need to make decisions in an easy-to-use format.

The application focuses on data rather than documents, helping planners make decisions more quickly and efficiently.


RIPA Application Usage Objectives

The app is an end-to-end digital replacement for the current paper system,

and its goal is to speed up the planning process to help families make home improvements faster.

The application is a step towards a transparent, efficient and digitized end-to-end planning system, saving developers,

architects and homeowners time and money,

and allowing planners to focus on the benefits of applications rather than the paperwork.

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